July 21, 2008

What's Happening Around Here?

The trees are being felled left and right. Behind me, in front of me...and I can't get a straight answer. The few people that I've asked have no idea. Guess it's like Jere B. Ford. I think he patented the highway striping machine but am not sure. Still doing research on that one.

Looks like they are widening Chickasaw Road or some road. Every map that I've seen has it, or some road, intersecting with Jackson behind me. Looks like that just might come to fruition. And they are killing the trees in front of the Family Life Center across from me. Not pruning. Felling. I haven't visited my good friends at the real estate office in some time. Maybe they can fill me in.

Yesterday was bath time at Serendipity. Poor Cindy's breast was black from laying in the dirt. Big Boy came out of her womb scratching and no amount of flea spray alleviates it. So I drug out the bottom of the dog house which, since they don't use it, seemed like a wonderful tub. Took Cindy first because I knew she would put up little resistance. Sure enough. She wasn't happy but took it in stride. Big Boy? Now that was a whole 'nother matter. Suffice it to say that my back was killing me. That dog is STRONG! But he got clean. And dried. And continued to scratch. I'm through. This flea/tick shampoo is supposed to be good for two weeks. I'm not promising that this will become a routine.

"Will you please wait until we get inside, where it is cool, before you start tripping?" Poor daddy was catching it from the young'uns as he came across the parking lot. I couldn't help but laugh. When they got inside, I asked him if they could trip now? He laughed and said he could handle it now.

Almost missed my shift--thought I was due in at 5 p.m. Thank goodness I checked my calendar. 2 p.m. Of course, they sent me home at 4:30. Sheez. What was the point?

On the way to check in, I saw the the lady they fired for selling the DVD, at her post. Hmmm. Seems something went wrong with the way it was handled. I'll keep my ears open and see what the real deal is. And the manager for infants/girls wear has not returned. Is there a vacancy? Mo' money; mo' hours. Well, look-a-here. We're considering you for the training position--the department manager job would be temporary. Not enough hours. Well, we can make sure you have 32 to 40 hours. Now we're talking. Of course, this is all talk at the moment but...if God is for you....

Caught Reclaiming the Dream, a panel discussion presented by CNN and Essence, Saturday and Sunday. It is the precursor to Black in America, to be shown this Wednesday and Thursday. Very good. It was followed by the investigative report CNN did on the King assassination. Well, boys and girls, let me tell you this. Everybody laughs at the good Judge Joe Brown and the silly cases he tries on daytime tv. But were you aware that he presided over James Earl Ray's appeal? I know you didn't know. Neither did I. Stop laughing and give the man his props!! By the way, they say that while he was a judge here and trying robbery cases, that he would take the victim to the defendant's house and let them take whatever they wanted. Get 'em, Judge Joe.


Anonymous said...

I patented the striping machine.
-Jere B. Ford, Jr.

DCnTN said...

Thanks for the confirmation, Mr. Ford. I have a bunch of questions. Can we talk?