July 22, 2008

Nobody Knows

Unbelievable. No one knows what is going on in my backyard. In fact, they weren't even aware of it. I started to feel like Chicken Little. My friends at the real estate office suggested I call City Hall. News to them. Call the code enforcement office. Left a message. Asked at the gas company. What work? Get real. Enough of the foolishness. I headed to my good friend, Mr. Criner. Former county mayor, former city mayor, keeps his thumb on what's going on. NOT! He didn't know anything about it. I couldn't believe it. He cracked, "You would think they would put something like that in the paper." I agree.

He did say that there has always been a road down there and perhaps they are just reclaiming it. He pulled out a map and showed me where the road used to be. This explains why a road shows on maps of the city. Seems that it was a thriving little area when the train stopped in Ripley. Feed, fertilizer, and other businesses were in the area where the tin barn is located at the bottom of the street. He gave the city the land behind me to use for the water supply. Or rather, he feels that he gave it them for what they paid. His grandson said that he heard that they are trying to get the train to start stopping here again. That would be an improvement. Just think. Rather than drive to Memphis, you could hop the train. Mr. Criner decided that he needs to drive down there and take a look. Promises to let me know when he finds out what is going on.

Work on refurbishing the town square is slated to begin in either August or September. Buildings around the square and down Washington Street will receive new exteriors. Should spruce things up a bit. Now if they can just find occupants for all the vacant buildings. Going to make it more pedestrian-friendly. Translate that into they are going to take away some of the parking spaces. Good grief, if it gets any more friendly, there won't be any parking at all. Of course, most of the businesses around the square are professional in nature so it's not like the square is overwhelmed.

Mr. Criner also told me that Jere B. Ford was a contractor who lived in Dyersburg. Did a lot of the state highway work. His company is still in existence. He also held/holds the patent for the highway striping machine.

The city has a new police car. They found out about a program run by another city who, as they take cars out of circulation, donates them to smaller towns/cities. It is blue and grey, as opposed to the white and blue ones. Supervisor is stenciled along the side. It has been designated for use by the lieutenant on duty. Aren't they special?

The off-duty policeman who does part-time security at Wally World drives a huge black on black Hummer. The female drives a Jaguar. Good grief, law enforcement must pay darned good down in these parts.

Speaking of Wally World (did I tell you that I almost answered the phone saying "Thank you for calling Wally World?), they picked up a young man who had the keys to the car stereo equipment cabinet. Good googly moogly. Somebody is in deep doodoo. Got my ears and eyes open for this one as well.

Please include Mrs. Childress' husband, Paul, in your prayers. He had major heart surgery right after I got here, if you remember. Now they have found a malignant spot on his lung and will operate tomorrow. They are such nice people. Brought me some HUGE tomatoes when I told them that my little plant produced one little green tomato the size of a dime. And it never turned red. LMAO.

Lee's ribs are pretty good. I'll try the pork barbecue next time.

That's the news from the Big Rip. Later.

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