August 24, 2008

Catching Up

Before I get started on my diatribe, please join me in sending prayers and comforting thoughts to SF. His uncle, 95-years-young, passed on Friday. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." Psalm 116:15. Send up a prayer for one of the assistant managers, as well. His wife was hospitalized and the baby may not make it. No family insurance. When it rains....

What is it with Serendipity? People fail to show; show and do a lousy job; or get started and disappear. Trying to get estimates on repairing the outside. The brick front needs repair...badly. The paint is peeling, peeling, peeling. And needs tuck pointing. Asked for a few referrals. One came out while I was at work. Sent a message about the projected cost; haven't been able to contact him. Another came out to look at the railings, etc. Hasn't sent back his estimate. Sheez! Went through this with the roof. Obviously, I undertook this project a little late in life. Otherwise, I would whip out the ladder and get started. Not so industrious at this stage; fraid of falling and bones don't heal as readily. Must stay safe.

The Player's mama came back for her interview. I need to give classes on how NOT to act during that process. Opened her mouth and lost every chance she ever had of getting the job. Girlfriend, your chances were slim to start with but then you brought in all of this other baggage that should have been left outside. It doesn't matter how other relatives felt about their time with Wally; you're the one trying to get in now. See ya'.

Came back from my days off to find that my first orientation class had been scheduled--for the next day! And the people that were to participate hadn't been told. Talking about advance notice. I'm cool. Let's get this party started.

My trainer doesn't like the new training module--juvenile--but it went over well, even with the glitches such as missing dvds; people not showing for their part of the program; a freezing room. Found substitutes to give the sections where people didn't show...after all, we have a script to read. Drug out a ladder and covered the vent. Now that I've experimented on the first group--4 baby boys ranging from 18 to 24--I'll be better prepared for the next one. It won't go like clockwork but a lot smoother.

What a group! The baby of my babies spends a lot of money on his sneaks. Leave them home, honey. Wally is not where you want to wear them; they will be ruined within a day. He'll learn. I suggested that they might want to get a good night's sleep because the next day would be in front of the computer and the modules put you to sleep. "No girls?" Testosterone at a very high level. Another couldn't believe that they would work over the weekend--every weekend. Yep. Until you get some seniority or a day position. "Money"--because his driving force is the dollar--knew the answers to just about everything (sometimes right and sometimes wrong). All in all, I think we covered everything. I know that they know more than I did coming out of orientation. Now if they will just hang around a while.

The store manager is a royal ****. Absolutely NO people skills.
Needs some mentoring in that area; it is not all about the bottom line and the store's appearance. I am not available nor would it be appreciated. He's very young, under 30, and this is his first store. It will hurt him in the future. Just a little courtesy to your coworkers, please. Goes a long way.

If you don't like my political views, you can stop reading now because that's where I'm headed. Being moralistic, idealistic, and hypocritical. Let's start with CNN's expose on McCain and Obama. I thought it was an interesting piece and learned things that I hadn't known about either. Reinforced my thoughts about Obama being shrewd, crafty, whatever. Rev. Wright did say that he was a politician, didn't he? Admire his drive, however. McCain? A total sleaze bag. his defense, the cheating was 30 years ago. Do you really believe that he hasn't cheated on Miz Cindy? And Miz Cindy is in a state of denial when she says but "he had been separated for so long--6 years." Girlfriend, the divorce decree stated that he was dating you while he LIVED with his wife. And you married within a month of the divorce becoming final. Hello!!! And can somebody tell me why all of these self-righteous people who are so quick to slam the other men of the world for their cheating ways, sexual escapades, etc., are deafening silent on McCain? Could it be that he gets a pass because he is America's revered POW?

On to Obama's choice for veep. I'm okay with Biden; he does bring the experience that Obama is lacking. But how big a role will he actually play? Will this be a co-presidency? Biden to handle all foreign affairs? Does it really matter? No matter how you look at it...Bush is leaving behind a humongous mess which will require years to clean up. Not unhappy that he didn't pick Hillary. Talking about the makings of a contentious relationship. Maybe not. Just find her a meaningful position and satisfy the masses.

The car looks good, Baby Boy.
And, yes, it is definitely an adult ride. It does not need a tune up, new wheels, yada yada. Enjoy it. Thanks for the cd on the church's history, DJ, I really enjoyed it.

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24. Be Blessed.

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