August 27, 2008

Overcoming Objections

“Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must first be overcome.”
    — Samuel Johnson

Just taking a fresh look at the Obama campaign. You know that I never fully climbed on board. And I still have reservations. However, only a fool would ignore the historical implications of the moment. Mama raised a foolish child; not a fool. A woman and an authentic African-American (cause after all, his daddy was directly from Africa), Black, bi-racial, person of color, whatever he wants to be called, coming within striking distance of the highest office in the land? 82 years after women received the right to vote? Less than 150 years after the end of slavery? Good googly moogly! Are you pressing this moment into your children's minds? It is not business as usual and they need to know the importance of it.

Great job, Hillary. You looked fabulous, darling--loved that color. Was it silk? And I don't know how many ways you had to say that Obama was "the man." Today, they are bitching because you didn't say that he was ready to lead. Excuse me--you said that he was your delegate. Isn't that the same thing? Were you supposed to flagellate yourself during the speech? Go down on bended knee? You said get behind him and put him in office. Enough said in my book. Everybody else...GET OVER IT! Bill, you're still the man. Give your speech and let them stew. Of course, it would be nice if you attended the acceptance speech. And, yes, he should have at least asked you for some direction. I understand. Get over it.

The lawnmower does not work. Period. Not getting gas. The refrigerator man checked it out. Back to the shop. Never got in touch with the fellow who does the lawn next door. They will do it for me.

And the refrigerator? Needs a new fan. Do you know that the piece covering the fan is held in place by styrofoam? Get out! When he pulled the piece off and I saw it, I thought all of the packing material had not been removed. Good grief! And we pay big money for this?

KB, Big Boy acted like a real junkyard dog when they came around the garage. Had both men backing up. I was thinking about getting rid of him but maybe he can stay.

Waiting for the big speech tonight.

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