August 27, 2008

Great Balls of Fire!

Did Bill give a kick-ass speech--or what? Lawd a mercy! I've been wandering between the computer--can watch CNN live on the computer--and the television set. Waiting. Listening to all the complaints that Slick Willy was nursing a grudge, licking his wounds, etc., not doing enough, yada yada. Doesn't like his assigned topic; will he veer away from it; will he support Obama? You bet your bippie! Boyfriend came through on time and gave a speech for all time. Great, great, great!

I was surprised that Obama's name was put into nomination by a registered Republican. Hmm--guess that makes up for the Democrat who is doing the commercial for McCain. RLMAO. I was moved to tears as the roll call began. The historical significance was just too much. I really wish that my mother and those in my family who have gone before could have seen this moment. My God, my God. Thank you for allowing me to live long enough to see it because I truly doubted that it would come to pass.

I will likely miss Obama's speech but I can trust CNN to replay it. Don't you dare miss it!

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