August 29, 2008

Shock and Awe...08 Style

A better subtitle would be "Bring it on." The Democratic Convention had a bunch of great speeches, which you wouldn't have known, unless you were watching a live feed on the computer. The tv pundits felt that their opinions were far more important than the events happening on the stage. Among those great speeches were those by the Clintons, obviously, leading up to Obama's address from the "Obama Temple." Now, seriously, folks. If you've spent more than a moment in D.C., any fool could have seen the symbolism--look at your national memorials: The Supreme Court; the Reagan Center; the World War II memorial; the Lincoln Memorial; the WHITE HOUSE. Someone close to me noted that the first family looked just fine walking through the doors to their new home. Lawd a mercy, find something else to natter about.

But in case you were among the 1 or 2 people who happened to miss Obama's speech, I am happy to bring you the video, courtesy of the DNC. Obama's Acceptance Speech

In case anyone, anywhere, questioned Obama's spine, willingness to go to the mat, "duke it out," I think he has made it clear that he while he prefers not to fight, he will. Picked up his book, The Audacity of Hope, and he talks about negative politics in Illinois and his experiences. On page 22, he notes:

I don't claim to have been a passive bystander in all this. I understood politics as a full-contact sport, and minded neither the sharp elbows nor the occasional blindside hit.

But he also makes clear that he holds the ugly side of politics in disdain and thinks that a campaign can be run successfully without resorting to dirty tricks. Roll up your sleeves, baby boy. McCain, get ready for the shock and awe. Bring it on.

Now today's shock and awe was McCain's pick of the Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin. WHO? Some bimbo pundit claimed that she is the most popular governor in the United States. Is that so? Then why isn't she a more familiar household name? Met her one time beforehand? Ran Romney and the rest through hoops, like Pavlov's dog, in hopes of grabbing the brass ring? McCain, she is NOT Hillary Clinton or a Geraldine Ferrarro. No way. No how. As it was stated...he just doesn't get it. What an insult to women everywhere to think that placing a woman, any woman, on the ticket will win the female vote. He had a million women to choose from. Why not the woman from Texas? Kaye Bailey Hutchinson? I'm not Republican but at least she has my respect. Sheez. Palin...Hillary did put 18 million cracks in the ceiling but darling...I'm not quite sure this is what she or her supporters had in mind.

Now to mundane subjects. The field has finally been mowed. They did it while I was at work. Understand it had to be cut three times. What does that tell you about how badly it looked? Now, I didn't mind paying but why are there clippings all over the yard? Guess that wasn't a part of the deal. Another false assumption on my part.

The fan was installed in the refrigerator within minutes to spare of my leaving for work. Folks just won't show when they're supposed to. I'd been up since 4:30 a.m. Not intentionally. My bad eyesight had me believing that it was 5:30. No wonder the crew looked at me like I was a fool when I showed up to let them out.

I don't know how Big Boy acted while the lawn was being cut. However, sometime between the time I came home and went back to let them in for the night (a two-hour period), he had broken his collar and was sitting outside the door. Guess he acted like a pure-D fool. How many collars have we gone through, so far?

It is the start of the Labor Day weekend. Homecoming in Ripley, TN. Folks are coming back from all over. Family reunions being planned. People are cooking big meals, cooking out, excited because Aunties and other relatives are coming home. Quite a few are going on the road--headed to Shytown; Missouri; and other places. Understand the annual parade will be held among other festivities. I will be at Wally World.

I worked the cash register today. All day. Of all the days to put a newbie on the register. It's Mother's Day; check day; holiday weekend. I got hit with every possible scenario. Coupons, competitor's ads, cashing social security checks, tax exemptions, bad credit cards, you name it. My back hurts, my feet hurt, my hips hurt, my throat hurts. Lawd, Lawd. And more of the same tomorrow. I can handle it.

Love ya. Enjoy your holiday and be safe.

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