August 13, 2008

“We evaluate others with a godlike justice, but we want them to evaluate us with a godlike compassion.”
    — Sydney J. Harris
Well, well. How appropriate. I didn't go looking for this saying; it was among the inspirational reading in my inbox. It does reflect my thoughts exactly, however, on the way we "feed" when others fall from grace. Notice I said "we," just in case you thought I had excluded myself. But I'm sick of the dissection of John Edwards and his affair. Throw the first stone, why don't you? Now they're trying to find out who is really paying the woman's expenses. Is that really my business? This affair is being made into a federal case. Looks like he's in a passel of trouble.

This week is Elvis Week in Memphis. A time when adoring fans descend upon the Bluff City to pay homage. They are selling Barbie dolls and some other memorabilia of his and Priscilla's wedding. The dolls are $69. Coming to your local Walmart this fall.

Of course, it is dampened in many circles by the death of Isaac Hayes. Memphis is doing a yeoman's job in paying tribute to both legends. Stax Museum has a permanent display (which I have yet to visit) on Isaac but has erected a temporary display in the lobby as well. The media is also doing its part. Isaac Hayes

I had forgotten many of his records but as the stations played past hits, they brought back strong memories. Seeing him in concert at Colefield House was awesome. Seeing him in concert at Shady Grove with Dionne Warwick. Dancing, dancing, dancing.

So what's happening here? Dropped a copy of my application for the exec. director's position off on Monday at 11:45 a.m. Did you doubt it? Probably. Wanted to make sure that it was there in case the mailed copy was late. The young lady tossed it to the side and told me that she would see that Donna got it. O-K-A-Y.

The young man who was killed over the weekend was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people. So the story goes--they were aiming at others inside of the car which he happened to be driving. The intended victims bailed and ran. Didn't bother to call 911. The police happened upon the car and thought it was abandoned. When they checked it, they found him slumped over the wheel. Senseless. Understand that he'd been told over and over about hanging with his companions. Leaves behind two young baby boys.

Needless to say that my training is on hold. But while I'm aging and the body is deteriorating, my mind is still sharp. I'm exploring the computer and digesting as much as I can. The hours are whacked but they'll get that right, too. There is supposed to be an employee newsletter which is of no interest to my trainer. Right down my line. Prototype ready for their approval.

The lawnmower is on permanent fritz. A shame because the weather has been so cool this week. The groundhogs are running rampant. They've figured out that the dogs are tied so they are no threat--frantic barking doesn't matter. Poor Cindy was so frustrated at being chained that she was doing a dog's version of crying. Please let me loose, please? But, of course, if I'd let her go (and I was dying to), Miz Floozie would have kept going.

That's it from the Mid-South. Try to catch the repeat of Larry King's tribute to Bernie Mac. It was very good.

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