August 10, 2008

Not Working

Not me, silly. I hear the sighs of relief. I'm talking about needful things like the lawnmower that just won't start. And it is a cool day; perfect for yard work. The house looks bad enough but now the yard is overgrown. Yikes! Here's hoping that the city doesn't cite me for weeds, etc.

My hearing for another. Every person said, or I thought they said, Barnes, when referring to the sheriff of Haywood County. NOT! They said Bond, as in James Bond. Good grief! At any rate, no time was wasted in locating his son's murderers. Caught Surely they didn't expect to get away???? I mean, they should have just turned themselves in immediately to the Ripley PD and saved the taxpayers money and everybody time and trouble.

Kwame Kilpatrick's mind. This man is off his chain. Another one whose lies have caused major embarrassment. To the city, to his mama, and to his people. Lied about his affair (email does not go away), ignored the terms of his bond, spent a night in jail -- not for civil disobedience--just disobedience, and then pushes the law? The mayor???? Holey Moley! And your mama is a congresswoman up for reelection? What are you thinking? That your office puts you above the law?

Met a girl from Detroit who wanted to spin the line about the "folks" didn't want him in office. Sorry, girlfriend, that dog don't hunt. The initial inquiry might have been a setup but he's given them too much ammunition. See ya'.

Morgan's driving and Driving Miss Daisy needs an overhaul as well. Come on, Morgan, that dog ain't hunting either. Lawd a mercy! What on earth were you thinking? In your wife's FACE? The Lord don't like ugly. But I'm glad that your injuries were comparatively minor.

The day's a-wasting, burning daylight, yada yada. Maybe I'll tackle some of the work waiting to be done around here or maybe I'll just join all the other non-working items at Serendipity and just enjoy the day.

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