August 09, 2008

What a Week!!

Let me send out warm birthday wishes to SF who celebrates another trip around the sun today. Didn't want him to think that he'd been forgotten. So while I'm in a celebratory frame of mind, here's a shout out to all the Leos that I know. You won't receive a card but you know that I hope that your day is as special as it can possibly be.

Good grief, John Edwards! There you go. Thinking with that other brain! Just why did you think that what you did in the dark wouldn't show in the light? Why would you make such a boneheaded move? Had it all...and my vote...and lost it. Didn't you learn anything from my friend, Slick Willie? Don't lie about it. Fess up. Folks will probably forgive the transgression but not the lie. Pray for him, people.

And I'm in deep mourning for my friend, Bernie Mac. Didn't know he had sarcaidosis. Had never heard of it until a coworker contracted it a few years ago. It was painful to watch her succumb to it. Pray for his family.

And pray for my coworker, the personnel director. There's a lot of trouble in her life right now. I learned that yesterday was the first anniversary of her mother's death but her emotions were under good control. Last night, her nephew was killed in a drive-by, here in Ripley. Some say that he was not the intended victim but I don't know the facts. The irony is that his father is the sheriff of Hayward County.

Learned quite a bit about my coworkers during the trip. Remember my haircut tale when I first got here? The owner of the shop is the lady who was wrongfully dismissed. Learned that there are a whole lot of relatives working at the store. Mothers and sons, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews. Very helpful.

Ripley cleaned house in the police department. Not only did they get a new chief but they just hired a new assistant chief, also Black. Hmmm. You know what I'm thinking. They say the chief has a case of the big head but I missed the dust-up at the store. Can't make waves immediately.

Back to my trip. Milan (not Me-lan as in Italy but My-lun) is a very nice community, about 20 minutes north of Jackson. Liked the little bit that I saw. Has approximately the same population as Ripley but worlds apart. Seems every town is growing except Ripley.

We went up to help clear up the files in that store because they had been without a personnel director for a month. Each store is given the ability to decorate the office as they choose as long as Wally's material is in order. You know, the correct posters re laws, regulations, and the like. But the colors, etc., are left up to you. Lawd a mercy. This woman had turned it into her home! Candles, mirrors, wallpaper border, table runners, curtains, Tinkerbell everywhere, and more inspirational posters and cutesy sayings in frames than a little bit. My HR person wanted to tear down everything. She's a minimalist. (A person after your own heart, SF.) I thought it was cute but a little overboard. After all, it is an office. Anyway, I was busy telling her that she couldn't go in and tear everything out--it ain't your office--let's just see if there are any ideas that we can take back. "Miz Gwen, don't you turn my office into this!" Who, me?

The regional director of personnel came in and began rearranging. My HR person told me to tell him what I told her about taking down things. I responded that it was his house and he could do what he wanted. There's a difference. The changes were much better. He really could have taken down much more. He did tell my counterpart, the training coordinator who's trying for the position, that when they repainted to lose Tinkerbell. Please! She needs to flit anywhere but in an office.

When we returned, the head CSM was in the parking lot in her car. She is the one who invited me to her church last fall. Tripped and broke her foot. "How are you driving?" "With my left foot." Lord, help me. I don't want to be anywhere around her on the road.

I will have to catch you up on the rest at another time. It's nap time. Pray for me.

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