August 07, 2008

Beating Mr. Murphy

The devil is a liar and he and Mr. Murphy worked overtime to prevent my package from getting into the mail. First, the printer was out of ink. Here's the plan, Stan. Pick up the cartridge and come home at lunch to print and mail the resume. Why would I trust my mind? Wally has sold my model for eons. I've got the wrong model number and they no longer carry that particular printer. Say what??? So instead of coming home to print at lunch, I came home to get the right model number.

Trying this routine again. Purchase the cartridges; come home. Each and every time an error message popped up that the right cartridge is either missing or incorrectly installed. Go to the help screen. Follow the instructions. Error message. Go to the next screen. Perhaps the cartridge needs to be returned to the manufacturer. Whoa! That is not helping me any. I need for this thing to work. Push and shove. Jiggle. Curse and pray. An hour passes. My mind's made up. I'm buying another printer. Ready to return to Wally. Thank goodness it is open 24/7. One more try--I cannot afford to buy another printer. Well, looky here! I'd been trying to put them in the wrong way. Are you kidding me?

They're in. The resume and cover letter print perfectly. Thank you, Lord. They go in the mail first thing in the a.m. To cover bases, I will hand deliver another copy on Monday, before 2 p.m. Be still....

Miz Dee--you were so right about more opportunities coming--someone whispered this evening that the hospital was looking for someone to work in admissions.

Pray for me.

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