September 10, 2008


The hounds got loose in Serendipity but, believe me, they paid the price for the uprising. That's right. Miz Floozy, aka Cindy, took advantage of the open screen door while I was wrestling with her offspring over her treat (he'd eaten his), and took off for her favorite spot. She is not an outside dog. Naturally, Big Boy was dead on her heels and I brought up the rear. Round the door to the living room and she jumps off the sofa and straight to her hiding place 'cause she knew all hell was breaking loose. Big Boy is stymied...he hasn't been past the kitchen...and hasn't a clue as to where to go. But he located her. Not enough room for him to get into her space. Chased him out to the porch, breaking the broom in the process, and back for Miz Cindy. Her spot is under the ledge for the fax machine. Got to go. Out to the porch. Both are chastened. Terrified. A madwoman has appeared. No treats.

Why can't they come inside? Because they are flea-bitten and I don't want any in my space. My legs are carrying enough bites just from going out to feed them. And, no, the flea spray/shampoo/yada yada is not working because of the damned groundhogs and who knows what else. Big Boy would probably act like a bull in a china shop. And, I don't like animals on my furniture...Cindy included.

The personnel director for the region made his inspection visit on Monday. Very interesting. Had a checklist of items, right down to the cleanliness of the microwave and the refrigerator. Folks had better learn to clean up their spills. I don't care for cleaning up after myself much less after someone else. Had to leave them to their tasks so I don't know the final outcome. Do know that he was waylaid in the store by some people with questions/complaints about hours, etc., and the store personnel manager was ticked. The PD announced that he was making plans for me to get out-of-store training. "In which direction can you travel?" "Any direction you would like for me to go." Received word that I would be traveling to Dyersburg for three days. Thank you, Jesus. I'll have a list of questions in hand. It is, oh so, evident that I am not going to get what I need from my director. It is not a personal thing...she just doesn't want anybody back in that office with her.

The store manager is in Dallas...don't ask me why because I wasn't another manager from the Dyersburg store came down to lend a hand. He's been with Wally since 1964, two years after it was founded. Most of his time was spent in Arkansas, his native state, but he moved to Ripley (his wife's home) in 1995. Says Wally has been good to him and his family. We had a very lively discussion on a multitude of subjects and the need to vote regardless of your party affiliation.

They needed someone to mix paint and I volunteered because a family emergency took away the two people who would have normally been available. What an embarrassing near-disaster! Had to search high and low for the right base because, naturally, they wanted two gallons and only one can of the right base was in sight. Right in the middle of mixing the second can, one of the tint cylinders went dry. Now I've seen the manager of the department go ballistic on the underlings for not refilling the cylinders before they left. How could she leave for the day without seeing that they were filled? Especially since she knows that everyone on the evening shift has quit and there is no coverage? Now I'm on a hunt for the right tint. And paper towels. Finally found the tint, refilled the cylinder, and realized that I'd forgotten my count. How many shots had I put in before it ran dry? Oh, Lord. Talking about mega prayers that this mixture would come out right. He was with me, once again. It was close enough for clock work. The gentlemen are painting Santa Claus' house for the kiddies. One man remarked that he was glad to see that I was putting the lid on tightly because he'd bought paint before and got home to find that it had overturned in his car...a bright green. Eeeuw! I have to admit that I was pounding the hell out of that lid. I was so frustrated.

Can I please get me a politician's job? Please? Then maybe I can get comprehensive health care and other benefits. Well, I guess that depends on which team gets elected. Finally qualified for health insurance but...because I'm not full-time, which our store is not hiring, I don't qualify for dental or life insurance. Still, I'm thankful for relatively good health and the assurance of knowing that if something happens there is some coverage. Now to work on the dental...a must.

See, this is why I want their job. VP-nominee Palin is touting her objections to "wasteful spending" and ways in which she saved Alaska boatloads of money. Really? Sold the plane on ebay. Actually, it was sold to a private buyer and at a loss to the state. Won't go into the "bridge to nowhere" but I found it interesting that she charges the state per diem for her family's travel and for the nights that she spends in her home. Excuse me? Now it is none of my business but the state does provide a residence for the governor. It is her choice to reside in her home. So, is the state paying twice? Seems like that is a good way to make sure the mortgage is paid, right?

And "lipstick on a pig"? Personal attack? Come on, people. We've got to find some valid issues to get into an uproar over.

The fellow who did the lawn just came by and pointed out that I was doing everything wrong with my flower beds. My feelings aren't hurt. I made the effort. Between the two of us, they'll be right come spring. Commented on my overloaded pecan tree, which has spider webs. I thought it was diseased and have been busy lopping branches that I can safely reach. He will take care of the trimming when I give him the word. Lawd-a-mercy, God's Little Acre is proving to be a handful.

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