September 07, 2008

The S Words

Shameful. Detroit's former mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick. Sleazy. Stupid. How many times am I going to have to put this appellation in front of my leaders' names? Black or white? Good grief! What a waste of a talent; what an embarrassment. Kwame, you should have done everyone a favor and stepped down months ago...for the good of the people. Sheeez!

Snide. Sarcastic. Sophistic. Shrill. I was going to include sophomoric but she read her lines well and paused in all of the right places. Speaking of Governor Sarah Pallin's speech, naturally. Lots of insults thrown around by all of the gladiators Wednesday night. Good speeches but the gloves were definitely off. Was it necessary? Are the insults, mud-slinging (of course, it is), vitrol, really necessary in the political process? But then the elections would be mighty dull, wouldn't they?

And why is that baby always being held by the oldest daughter? Gives credence to the rumor that it is actually hers and not her mother's. Seldom held by the father, the world-class snowmobile racer. Now that's a real bread-winner for you. Can't you hear the flak if Michelle Obama was a basket-weaver or some such? And what about the buttons proclaiming Palin HOT? Is that the image I want for the 2nd highest position in the country? Are we adding that to her qualifications?

And this Sunday a.m., I heard on FOX (where else) two of the lamest excuses for Palin to date. One: she attended a church where the practice was speaking in tongues. The priest pundit said this is a fundamental basic in religion. If they were upset over Rev. Wright, can you imagine the hoopla over Obama if he attended a church where that was the practice? I don't have a problem with it; just noting a difference in treatment. The other: Palin attended 6 colleges in 5 years, finally graduating from Idaho. Now, I don't have a problem with that, either. Here's the excuse: Out West, the practice of attending several schools is accepted, whereas, in the East, you pick one school and stick with it. Give me a break. Oh...and where is PETA on the issue of shooting animals from an airplane? That seems to be cruelty to animals, in my pea-brain, more so than hunting on foot. Their silence is deafening.

Missed the speech. But I understand that I didn't miss much--just the gut-wrenching details of McCain's imprisonment. Only delivered by him this time. Now I don't know about you but I am mighty tired of hearing how he was/is the greatest POW of all time. Does his treatment make that of the other POW's insignificant? And didn't he sign that document?

Did get to see Miz Cindy's outfit. Heard the next morning that the entire ensemble from head to toe cost $300K. Really? Aren't the Republicans the party of the "common man"? Or is that the other party? Good grief, we're struggling to put gas in the tank, milk on the table ('cause they cost the same per gallon), and losing homes left and right and she saunters out to the tune of little over more than 1/4 million bucks? Send some of it to the common folks, Cindy. By the way, who did your hair? And what happened to the adopted daughter, of the darker skin, who was trotted out the first night and hasn't been seen, since?

Wally World news: Did my first payroll. Tore my hair out. Frustrated to the max. Girlfriend only gave partial information. I spotted that maneuver early on, remember? The managers didn't know but one called another store and I was walked through it. Very easy, except those steps weren't on the written sheet left for me to follow. I was told that although it was a day off, I had to come in and do would only take an hour. NOT! Took three hours. And my coworkers threw a potluck, at the store. Real social. Except everyone wasn't invited, including me. Go figure.

And the brood? Had to buy yet another collar for monster dog, Big Boy. The one I bought the other night? Lasted one night. Good grief! And he managed to slip this one, this morning, galloping freely through the neighborhood. Doesn't someone want him?

Lastly, didn't you just know that the government was going to take over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac a few months ago? And Condoleza met with Quadafi? Bush is really trying to clear the books before he leaves office. Wonder what Quadafi was offered. Maybe we should run for Congress.

Happy Grandparents Day. I'm painting something while the game is on.

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