September 03, 2008

Gustav, Hanna, Ike, and the Convention

Sheez, hurricane season is in full swing. Something that the folks up the way don't really pay much attention to. Gustav had everyone's attention and now, though diminished in stature, is still alive and well. He's dumping water all over the place. And tornadoes.

That's what I said...tornadoes. Seems that as hurricanes travel overland, tornadoes are a side-effect. I'm learning more about the weather than I really care to know. One was galloping up I-55, through Mississippi, and on its way towards Memphis. Lauderdale County was included in the overall watch. I don't mean any harm, folks, but I'm not a dyed-in-the-wool native who takes this in stride. My stomach started doing flops as soon as the first announcement was made and it was nowhere near me. The weather radio is charged and where I can very easily find it. Beside the bed.

Pray, too, for the Gustav evacuees who are being victimized in Memphis and surrounding areas. They escaped only to be robbed in a place of safety. What happened to man's humanity to man? Or is it really inhumanity?

I'm being very good. Giving the Republicans equal time. A lot of it sounds as though it was lifted from the other party's platform. CHANGE has become the byword. They also wove a lot of Obama's lines into their speeches. Bob Doyle brought up that anything could happen in politics--is he intimating that they'll steal the vote? AGAIN?

Speaking of voting--be sure to see Iron-Jawed Angels on HBO, if you haven't seen it already. Great film documenting the women's suffrage movement. A lot of history is packed into it--things that weren't taught in the history class.

Waiting for Palin's speech. Her voice is an irritant but I have no doubt that she will acquit herself admirably. I'll just assume that First Lady Laura was nervous and that is why she stumbled all through her speech listing the accomplishments of the man she loves. Listening to the founder of ebay, Meg Whitman, deliver a litany of what McCain/Palin will do within their first 100 days. Excuse me?? And, is she the official spokesperson for McCain? His PR person, perhaps? Since she's delivered his speech--is there any reason to listen to him?

My ears are deceiving me...Sly Stone being played at the REPUBLICAN convention? I'm just everyday people...NOT! Mitt Romney took a cheap shot at Michelle Obama and conveniently forgot, throughout a very moving speech, that the present administration, in charge for the last 8 years, handed out sweet-heart deals to their cronies and is responsible for the dismal economy we are facing.

I'm shutting down now. How many reminders of McCain's imprisonment are we going to be subjected to? Is this to be a presidency won by guilt?

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