September 28, 2008

Prime Time Comedy

Has anyone noticed the resemblance between America's best-loved carrot top and its newest female idol, Gov. Sarah Palin? "Fresh, engaging, delightful," yada yada. Lucille Ball reincarnated...just with dark hair. I swear I couldn't believe my ears when listening to her and Katie Curick. "I'll look it up and get back to ya'" EXCUSE ME? Colbert said that she thought she was in a "take-out interview." Chuckle, chuckle. It is painful to watch her. Sending her for photos with leaders of foreign countries was a joke. That rounds out your expertise? Listening to the party faithful, including McCain, try to prop her up calls for a willing suspension of disbelief. You know, where you hold off judgment temporarily in exchange for entertainment?

Then there is the "I am suspending my campaign...will delay the debate" exercise. Called your bluff, didn't he, McCain? Spike Lee says that this ploy, in Brooklyn, would be called a punk move. The "knight on a white horse" play didn't work. You asked for a meeting, the President complied, then you sat there and had no comments. Another photo op. Your peeps told you that your presence wasn't helping. Get out town.

Memphis interrupted its programming to show Obama's jet landing on Friday morning. A Change You Can Believe In on its side. The start of the police motorcade escorting the big, black bus. McCain must have burned a lot of jet fuel trying to catch up with the hope of landing first. Made it in an hour later. Thought you weren't coming? The crisis wasn't over and a bill not completed.

Then the performance. Nothing stellar by either unless you count the fact that Obama held his own on the foreign affairs front. But let's deal with McCain's condescending air, his patronizing tone, and downright rudeness. The folks in these parts were griping about his lack of courtesy before he even stepped foot on the stage. Not understanding courtesy, Southern manners, etc. So what happened to looking a man in the eye? What I saw was "if I don't acknowledge you, you don't exist." I swear, if he had said "he just doesn't understand" one more time, I would have jumped through the tv and punched him out. I've endured 40 years of that statement, that tone, in the workplace whenever an opposing viewpoint was offered. Bottom line is whether he won or lost in the polls taken after the debate, McCain lost face. Again.

McCain's pissed because he's been outfoxed by Obama at nearly turn. And, Obama doesn't understand tactical maneuvers according to McCain. I listened to McCain on a talk show this morning and he laid out two sore points with Obama that have really colored his actions: Obama didn't tour the country with him for town meetings; Obama didn't consult with him about the use of public campaign funds. According to McCain, the campaign would be different if he had done so. Note to McCain: This is Obama's campaign. This is not a joint campaign; you cannot dictate his actions. You're having enough trouble running your own.

Late night comics have had a field day. Here's the real deal. This is not a comedy show. People are losing everything and the future is looking mighty dim. Stop with the theatrics. We're not laughing.

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bandit said...

Someone once wrote that if you dont laugh then you will cry ,an cry we have done at the sight of this once beloved nation crippled by ignorance and fear led into ruin and people once flush and sedate now dry and afraid of every shadow. So yes its very funny that the Republicans are so out of touch that they feel a once proud and honorable man now a bitter cynical and aloof wraith who see's that nothing is wrong with going so far out side of Washington and its circle of established and well heeled Women candidates to a relative nobody whos experience is not so much a factor as is her gender and looks So it goes well in saying NO MR OBAMA DOES NOT GET IT !! BECAUSE NEITHER DO I