September 24, 2008

In Search Of...

the mighty Mississippi. A long and winding road took us to the far reaches of Lauderdale County, past beautiful houses, ramshackle houses, scenic views, and a 1/4 tank of gas but we didn't find the Mississippi River. It's over there somewhere but I finally gave up and turned around. Now, that's pitiful isn't it? The river is one of the county's boundaries; everybody knows where it is but me. When I asked, at work, I was told that I turned around about 5 minutes too soon. Then they told me about the route that takes me to Fort Pillow State Park, on the Mississippi, which has a lookout. But it is still a long drive.

But it did give me a better understanding of how big this area is. Snow-covered fields in September? Got you, didn't I? Acres of cotton, as far as the eye can see, give the impression of a light dusting of snow. It's planted on every available plot of land. I had better guard my little plot or someone might sow seeds on the back 40. LOL.

SF flew in on Saturday evening and back out Wednesday morning. Miz Floozie, who had been missing in action for a few days, surprised both of us as we came into the back. Shot around from the front like a bullet, raising much cain, until she got closer to him and realized that he was a friend. I was shocked. Protecting her turf when she goes missing for days on end? Just adopted him, she did. Foot to foot. Wherever he went, she followed. Whined at the door when not allowed inside. Barked and growled ferociously when she heard noises. Good grief! That's a side of her I had not seen. Couldn't find her when we left but she showed up when I got back from Memphis. Searched high and low for her best bud.

Big Boy is still missing. The common explanation is that he's off courting and will return. SF thinks someone picked him up and is giving him the love and appreciation that he deserves. I hope so. I'm afraid that he got hit by a car. But his dish and rutted yard await him should he decide to return. Now that he's gone, I do miss him.

Happy Anniversary wishes to my favorite son and daughter-in-law. Made it one full year. Congrats.

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