September 15, 2008

Up On the Roof

...that's where you'll find a piece of the newly-purchased canopy. The rest is demolished and crumpled in the corner of the patio. Ike's mighty winds blew up the valley and took down trees, limbs, caused a few deaths by falling trees, and destroyed my canopy. Good grief! The cinder blocks didn't stand a chance. The wind moved them as if they were made of styrofoam.

Bringing you up to date...Big Boy and Cindy went off at a quick run on Thursday morning as I opened the door. Faster than the speed of light. All the calling in the world wasn't bringing them back. Figured Big Boy would lope back as he does. Cindy would show, eventually. On my way to work, I spied Cindy at the front of the yard but she trotted off when I called her. Oh, well. Returned home. No dogs. Now I'm worried. No dogs on Friday morning so I took my lunch break and went to the animal shelter. Plenty of dogs but not mine. Left my phone number.

Cindy showed up late on Friday but no Big Boy. Brought her in, gave her a bath, and let her hang out. She was very happy. Sunday morning as we're going out, the strong winds rushing through the trees spooked her (and me) and she was gone again. Leaving nothing but fleas behind.

The power went out for about an hour, closing down the phone, the tv, and the internet. Came back on but took time for the phone and internet to catch up. Gee, talking about a lousy infrastructure. Heard barking outside. Raced to the window, calling for Big Boy; it was Cindy chasing a cat into the neighbor's backyard. Out the house, around the corner. Girlfriend is having a high-old time but not coming when called. She ducked out of the yard at the other end and was gone.

Worked in Dyersburg today, finally getting some training, and dropped photos off at the shelter. Congratulations are in order...I've been at Wally World for one full year. Came into my street, using the back way, and who did I see by the post office but Cindy, tail tucked and looking very pitiful. She perked up when called and came to the car but wouldn't get in. In fact, she acted as though we were playing a game. Off again. Still no Big Boy.

And some woman coughed in my face on Saturday and sprayed me with her germs. Needless to say I ran a fever and now have a terrible cough. Ugh!

Just a reminder to get out and vote. You'll hear that message from me more than once. And make sure everyone you know is registered.
makes it easy to register. If you don't know your own registration status or you'd like to learn more, take a minute to visit the site right now. This race is too close and too important to stay home on Election Day.

And if they still don't get off of their them this:

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