October 08, 2008

That One vs. You People

Ugh! History repeats itself, again. Another repugnant remark. "That one." In the first debate, McCain disdained to acknowledge Obama's presence on the stage. In the second one, he wouldn't utter his name. "That one." Add to that Palin's silliness (except her comments aren't silly) and you have a comedy skit worthy of SNL.

Naturally I was at my favorite place of employment when this debate took place. I hurried in to watch the analysis and reruns. What I saw was an angry old man, tottering around the stage, on the verge of mental disintegration. I honestly think he will lose his mind should he lose the election. Is anyone worried about his mental health, other than me? Is it possible that the infamous McCain rage is actually a result of his POW days? Look out world; he is becoming unhinged.

Oh, Cindy? That cold chill that went up your body? Supposedly because of Obama's vote? I know living with McCain has not been a bed of roses but don't get it confused. It was withdrawal symptoms, darling. Sheez.

I was stunned to hear Carville opine on what would happen should Obama lose the race. I've had this discussion with others and guess it is on their minds as well. Interesting.

Could I be experiencing the early stages of Alzheimer's? For the life of me, I couldn't remember Cindy's name (my dog, not McCain's wife) when Mr. Jack came to the house. Not for the entire time that he was here. Took a good ten minutes after he left before I remembered it. Hmmm.

Mr. Jack sends a hello to you, JB. Says I worked you so hard that you'll never return. He also told me not to waste my time or money in taking the electrician to court. He's filed bankruptcy. I'll only have to get in line. Damned. Also told me that his mother (the electrician's) passed last week. I'll send him a card. It's a tough time to go through. I can show a little compassion but I'm still pissed.

A real gully washer swept through yesterday and remnants are hanging around. Cleaned the world real good. Temperatures have dropped at night so I'll start hunting up the blankets. The pecans are starting to ripen. Maybe I can beat out the groundhogs and get a can or two for myself.

Seems everybody has money but us. Here's the new dollar bill, courtesy of JB. It should spend about as well as the real thing.

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