October 09, 2008

Prayers Needed

Tragedy struck hard in this little community over the weekend, affecting both the town and the store. Because it is so inter-related, the effects are widespread.

Miz Margaret to me, Granny Sue to everyone else, a long-time people-greeter, is very ill and not doing well. She turned 88 on the 1st and was admitted to the hospital the next day. Granny Sue is all of 4'8", if she is that tall. A very gracious, stylish, lady with a raspy voice, Miz Margaret made me feel welcome from day one. Her daughter-in-law, also very stylish, works in the shoe department.

Another co-worker lost her sister to cancer this weekend. Their family is huge and several members work at the store: nieces, nephews, sisters-in-laws. The Player is a part of that family.

The sister of the co-worker whose husband fixed my refrigerator was involved in a freak automobile accident that landed 9 family members in the hospital, some with very serious injuries. She lost control of her van while returning from church on Sunday night. Hit some loose gravel and overturned.

A co-worker's house burned to the ground. This is the third fire to hit a co-worker within so many months.

The wife of the county's DA was killed in an automobile accident over the weekend. She and her neighbor were taking his new Lexus out for a late night spin. The car left the road. The neighbor, who was behind the wheel, is in critical condition.

Several assistant managers are slated for surgery or are recovering. The best news is that the one whose wife was in danger of losing their baby is recovering. While it is touch and go, she has been released from the hospital. They've been told that the child, if it survives, will need hospitalization for at least a year after birth.

Prayer is a healing medium. More so when we pray as one. Please put these people and their families on your prayer list.

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