October 19, 2008

A Matter of Black and White

Had you going, didn't I? Thought I was going to start on the campaigns, didn't you. Not yet. I'm talking about the gang of three, all of varying shades of black and white; Miz Floozie's companions with whom she hangs out when not going solo. She is the smallest of the three and has tan markings as well as black. The other two appear to have only black markings. One is a pit bull and the other has a black face. It reminds me of Runt. I see them cavorting down by the railroad, in the backyard, and learned, when I went to get cigarettes, that their haunts include the square and beyond. Imagine that! My dog has a gang. Lawd, lawd, this dog is going to get picked up by the dogcatcher.

She watched me leave (from the pit bull's yard) and I slowed so that she could get in the car. Ignored me. Kept walking. I did a slow crawl, periodically stopping for her to get in. She'd pause, consider it, and keep walking. All around the square, until I got tired of her game and went on about my business. She does have a mind of her own.

Now to the gottcha'. Because you knew that I couldn't let this pass. The channel carrying Meet the Press conveniently went blank just as the program began. Fortunately, because we're an hour ahead (or as I like to think, behind) the East Coast, I knew that Colin Powell had made his endorsement. Yes, I was surprised. I don't know how much weight it will carry but he made his points well. Way to go Colin.

So this evening, I caught the program on MSNBC. It was followed by Chris Matthews' Hardball . Pat Buchanan was on, as well as Joe Scarborough. Don't hold a lot of truck with either but can take Joe a little bit more than Pat. Well, Pat Buchanan might as well have quoted James Carville and called Powell a Judas. The party has been good to him, yada yada, and it shows ingratitude. To desert McCain, yada yada, but then he struck the blow. Of course, he will support Obama because he's an African American. Yes, he did go there. A matter of black and white.

Now to more pertinent matters. The bucket has been removed from under the kitchen sink and the dishwasher is finally installed. Needless to say, I had to pay someone else to do the work. I made a call to the county's electrical inspector on my good friend, Danny Joe, and guess who showed up to set a date to complete his work? We'll see if he shows up.

Check out this photo. The verse is from Ecclesiastes. Now that is not Serendipity, although the verse is apt. It could very well, however, be the barn/shed/garage. Finally found someone that would clean out the storage areas. Would you believe that two of the areas are earthen? No concrete. No wonder the groundhogs are using that as their haven. The third area, with windows, has a light (was I surprised--never saw it) and is floored. Guess it was a tool room or something.

Man, I should really give him some extra ducats because it was a job. Wood, broken columns, pieces of trim, wooden stools, storm windows, and more. Told him to dump everything but the storm windows. I don't know where they go but I'm keeping them. I know, silly, they go to the windows but there doesn't seem to be tracks for them. Unearthed a cast iron pot with three legs that you would use over a campfire. I'll use it as a planter.

Don't know how your weather is but it is turning mighty nippy down here. More so at night. Hit 40 degrees last night. You know the heat was on. Didn't want to go there because they raised the electric rates by about $30. Can you see my face when I opened the light bill?

Still battling the Personnel person. She is demented. The camera that the store manager gave me to use for taking photos of the new hires disappeared. I figured she'd locked in her cabinet to which no one has a key. She'd scheduled orientation for three new people on Saturday so I sent her an email reminding her that I'd need it and to leave it out. Very snippy response that the camera belonged to the photo center and needed to stay there. When it came around to picture-taking-time, the manager wanted to know where was the camera he gave me. Gave her explanation. We have another that I've hidden this time. And she's conveniently put away other items that I would need in doing orientation. Not to mention the trick with putting food in the training room on the day of the last orientation. What a way to work.

Took the opportunity to discuss the silly **** that she is pulling with the manager. Told him that I was too old to play her games. He wanted to shift the responsibility of dealing with the problem to one of his assistants and I went there, too. The two of them are having female issues. And I don't have time for that, either. So now he wants to discuss management and the chain of command. Hold up, baby boy, I've been in management for more years than you are old. How do you want me to handle the situation? "She's difficult to get along with. You have to handle her aggressively." No problem. My next move is to have a discussion with the regional personnel person. No way do I intend to let her continue impeding my job performance. She's crazy.

So I'm skipping all the rest of what has happened. Hope your birthday was a blast, baby brother. Tried calling but no answer. Hope your birthday was great, as well, PW. The same for all the other October babies whom I missed sending a greeting to.

I haven't heard it announced on the stations but Levi Stubbs passed on Saturday. Take a look at this clip and remember the good times. We Remember Levi RIP, Levi, you gave us many great memories. And after you've had your cry, lighten it up with Wanda Sykes' take on the bailout. Wanda Campaigns for Cabinet Position

Be Blessed.

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