October 22, 2008

I'm Determined to be Thankful!

Have you ever been so ticked until you can't concentrate on one thing? After a day of steady, heavy, rainfall, I woke to find no water pressure in the kitchen and a river in the front yard. Water running down the steps, down the street. What the ****? Deja vue all over again. The new water faucet had broken. Good grief!!!

Had the water turned off at the street. One contractor blaming the other. Repairs made. Water back on. And, then, I find out that the new water faucet was totally unnecessary because the spigot on the side of the house was still connected. Wasn't I told that it had been disconnected? Did I go without outside water for months, waiting for the new faucet? PISSED!

And somebody STOLE my three-legged kettle that I was going to use as a planter!!!! Just took it from beside the garage and kept going! PISSED! I didn't have a problem with them rifling through the debris by the side of the road, taking all of the corbels, posts, etc., that were in the garage/barn/shed. But to come up, into the property, and take my kettle takes a hell of a lot of nerve.

Work has started on the dining room and it is looking good. Putting up the same border used in the living room and found I was a roll short. You KNOW that the pattern has been discontinued, don't you? Scouring the web for discontinued outlets. No luck. Then the light bulb went off. Midgie, of Harrisburg fame, has the same border. Wonder if she has an extra roll? I only need one. Praise be! It is in the mail. Thanks, girlfriend. I owe you one.

Work on the outside started, as well, but the weather is working against me. Cold and rainy. Trying to get the front scraped and painted and new railings installed. Losing some of the curlicues and details which endeared the house to me. Rotten, rotted, rusted. Going from white to a pale gray. Only doing the front at this time.

I thought I'd ignore the election this time but just can't pass up a swipe at the clothing controversy. McCain says "she needed the clothes." Guess the hockey mom's wardrobe was embarrassing next to Cindy's. The only thing I can say is she needed to buy her own. Kind of hypocritical to me when you are running as the common man. On one of the forums, the question asked was "is she on welfare?" Just another misstep by McCain. Especially when he authored the damned bill saying buying personal items, clothes, haircuts, etc., was verboten. But, doesn't it smell like charity? And what charity has a need for designer clothing...unless they are going to auction it off? Please.

And twenty lashes to the surrogate who saw nothing wrong with buying Palin clothing but had a gripe with Obama's choice of travel to see his grandmother. Crawl back under the rock.

I have voted. Make sure you do the same. Cindy and I strolled over to the building; about a block and a half from the house. Each booth was filled and the wait very short. But here's the thing. Got a real dose of racism, which everyone is trying to discount as a factor. Being ushered to the machine beside me was a very elderly couple, barely making it. The election person asked "who are you voting for: McCain or ?" The woman loudly responded "I don't want no black" and cut it off when she saw me. Of course, I was the only Black in the place. I grinned as I very gleefully hit the button for Obama.

So here's a little levity to brighten your day. Be sure to click on each of the different items in the picture. It is a real hoot. Palin

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