October 26, 2008

Hell Naw!

"I've got a puppy to sell...." "Aw, hell naw. I've been through five of those." Think of Palin's bridge to nowhere..."Thanks, but no thanks." The young man was looking for work and I quickly found him some. Don't leave no puppies around here. Cindy, bless her jealous heart, was actually growling at the poor thing. You don't have to worry about it, darling, there's no room at the inn.

After the water pipe was repaired on Friday, I faithfully checked the faucets. Everything is in working order. Praise be! Until I flushed the toilet and there was NO WATER. What the ****? This just can't be happening to me. Ah, but it is, sista girl. No water for this toilet. Water running okay in the front toilet but that is not the one I used. Here we go again. Buckets of water and the plunger. Thank goodness there was no load. I would have gone berserk. Called Mr. Jack, again. Mo' money. Good grief! Turns out that mud got into the supply line. Don't ask me 'cause I don't know. Plumbing is not an area of expertise. All I know is that I am thankful that it was something simple.

And why couldn't we get the oven to work? Very simple, dummy, you must push in the knob while lighting the pilot. Mo' money.

So the leaves are being raked and mulched. My neighbor doesn't like leaves on her lawn. Go figure. I'm trying to work with her here but you and I both know that I'm not about to rake leaves or pay someone to keep them off of her property on a regular basis. Does this fall under the category of anal retentive? There are so many leaves until the young man went and got help. He was staggering. "You got me, Miz Gwen. I bit off more than I could chew." Are we trying to renegotiate terms here? "Naw, darling, you got yourself. And, then, you went and subcontracted the job." Off they went. With the puppy. Just call him "Joe Six-pack."

In the meantime, I'm back to stripping the front doors. Should've let me do it when I had interest, baby brother. Slow going. Just where in the heck is the new can of stripper? Did it walk, too? Naw... finally located it after about an hour of searching high and low. In a bag, of course.

The wallpaper border arrived. Ooohwee! I'm so excited. Thanks, Midgie. It is just enough. The contractor located some discounted tile for the hearth in the both the living and dining rooms. Gollee! This old house is starting to take shape!

Back to the jobs at hand. Baby boy--keep your head up and put on a shield of prayer. Have a blessed week. V O T E!!!!

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