October 30, 2008

Here's the Question

How could a self-professed political junkie miss the most touted political infomercial of recent times? Easy. I was waiting for it to come on CNN and on the computer, as usual. When I realized that the time had come and gone, I learned that CNN was one of the few networks to opt out of the coverage. WHAT? How did that slip past me when the tv is always tuned to CNN? Geez. Talking about outdone. So I have nothing to say about it.

But I can talk about the fortuitous interview, free time, between McCain and Larry King, on, what else, CNN. Never mind that it had been about 700 days or so since he'd promised to appear on the program. Free time??? He is so angry. Because Obama didn't tour the country with him and this supposed signed agreement to take public financing. Where is the note, McCain? Why haven't you shown it? That would be far more damning than talking about it. And there was no need, goldarnit, to tour with you. Put a sock in it. And please find something else to say about your running mate. I can recite the lines for you.

By the way, who is paying Joe the Plumber? Someone generously paid off the tax lien but he is a single parent. Who is taking care of the kids while he rambles around with McCain/Palin? Talking about being in the right place at the right time. And a record deal in the works? Schlepping a book deal? Won't be in that 40K bracket for long. He needs to send Obama a thank you note for stopping to talk to him. He is the epitome of "Change you can believe in."

Digressing to life in Ripley for a moment. The church up the street had a harvest/Halloween event on Sunday night, complete with hayrides around the neighborhood. I was perming the hair and by the time I got the camera, they had ended. It was so nostalgic and, of course, an oddity for someone from the heart of the 'hood.

I had so many leaves piled for pickup by the city until they sent a roll-off dumpster to pick them up. I hid behind the safety of my shutters until they left. EMBARRASSED.

The wall has come down between the mini-foyer and the porch with the bad flooring. What a difference it has made. Can't wait to see the finished product. Since I don't have a rec room/basement/informal area, this will be perfect for a tv and some chairs. Plus, it allows easy access to the other end of the house without having to go through my bedroom. And the area is much lighter.

Question: Why would I take any medicine whose side effects may cause me to commit suicide? Good grief! Which is worse: continuing smoking or a questionable medicine? Think I'll keep smoking.

Here's something uplifting: Where We're Going

Be Blessed.

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