November 16, 2008


Gee whiz! I haven't blogged in almost three weeks! That is definitely a record. Not that I didn't have anything to say, mind you. You know that I am seldom speechless.

What am I celebrating? Life in general...November 4th and November 9th in particular. How about that election? No hanging chads, prolonged recounts, court battles, and the Acorn issue turned out to be moot. 364 electoral votes. No doubt about who won. Decisively. And the world did not come to an end.

My in-box, just as yours were, was inundated with emails showing photos of Obama, verses, copies of headlines, jokes and all the rest. I, in turn, forwarded them to you. Just doing my part. You know I like to keep you informed. I was asked about the headlines down here. Didn't see the Commercial Appeal, the major newspaper in the area, but the local weeklies treated the election as business as usual. Barely a mention. National and international news are not their focus. McCain took the county and the state. That's all you needed to know.

The next date of note, to me, at least, was celebrating the big 60! That's right... I am now 6 years old, times 10. Two things I did not expect to see in my lifetime--the election of a Black man as president and age 60. SF flew in and put me to work. The contractors were almost finished but the house was a wreck from front to back. I have a lot of stuff.

What started out as a simple job turned into a major renovation. The bathroom gave them a fit. Giving all kinds of shoutouts to Don Schrotberger and his son-in-law, Jeff. Saved the claw foot tub. Getting the crud out of the bottom is another issue. But the Victorian spigot is intact and it drains, at last. Hallelujah. What a difference a coat of paint makes! Light and bright...a girlie room according to the fellas. So there is now a bathroom for people to use other than trekking through my bedroom.

And Midgie came through with yet another roll of our favorite wallpaper border. Something happened and we were a half of a wall short. Of course, when they finished hanging the last piece, what should appear? The missing roll. It had been tucked out sight under rags and brushes. What can I say? If you need a full roll, Midgie, holla.

My chill out area is very comfortable, thank you. The wall is down and the area redone. I came in the other night and promptly went to sleep in the new chair. Banisters and handrails are sparkling out front. It has turned cold so the painting will have to wait. But at least my neighbors have an inkling that repairs to the front are underway.

The pecans are falling, falling. The yardman came through and made another cut on the trees. I can see forever. Asked for pecans. Here's the deal...You can get some but I want half. Deal. Gathered his share. So why did I come in yesterday and find a container of pecans at the back door? I didn't expect for this to be an ongoing thing. Good grief! For all I know, he's supplying his neighborhood. Just kidding. Pecan trees grow all around. We saw people at the rest stop with bags picking them up. So I have no complaint.

And Wally? Things are perking along. My hours are being cut weekly...just in time for the huge electric bill, right? Lawd a mercy! If it ain't one thing, it's another. They hired a very nice older fellow who is functionally illiterate. He's compensated by remembering, when shown on the form, where to put the information. No knowledge of the computer; no knowledge of a cd player. My heart goes out to him. How did he make it this far?

That's it for the moment. Cindy is visiting her peeps. She'll show when she's ready to come in and get warm. Loves the heaters. Still hates cheap dog food. What she doesn't know is that if things get worse, we might be sharing her menu. Just kidding. Have a blessed week.

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