November 21, 2008

Pizza Pie

When I left Wally World the other night, the opening lyric to "That's Amore" was brought to mind immediately. It was very cold and clear and the moon hung so low on the horizon until it looked like you could reach out and touch it or that it would fall any moment much like in the cartoons we watched as children. It was a mottled red and yellow, resembling a large cheese pizza. "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie." Have seen it clear yellow but never a reddish color. Gee, I'm seeing a little bit of everything this year.

Went to let out Cindy this morning and a blue jay was clinging to the side of the barn/shed/garage. Saw a lone cardinal perched in the bare trees the other day. That spot of red was brilliant against the dreary, overcast day.

Had to redo the mini-foyer. I'd never finished the trim and baseboard. The wall is wood paneling, like
most of the house, and I'd used a roller to paint them. The contractor noticed the white striping. Well, it hadn't bothered me but once he pointed it out, they became HUGE. Whipped out the paint can and went to work doing a little touch-up. WRONG! Now, the touch-up is noticeable against the old paint. Not only did I do the trim and baseboard but the walls as well. Sheesh! But it looks good.
Now to the bathtub and the floor in the dining room. We're getting there, boys and girls.

But back to Wally World. She's at it, again. Scheduled orientation for this week after discussing it with her, obtained schedules, doing my job. Came in last week to find that she had assembled the folders. No problem...if you had time to do it.... Came in Monday, did my orientation. She was supposed to be in another store. Hauled tail back and proceeded to "assist." O..k..a..y! Came in yesterday expecting to do the second round of hirees. She had called them on Monday and did the orientation on Tuesday!!! Let me repeat that I was at work on Monday conducting an orientation until 9 p.m. Not once did she indicate what she intended to do. Pissed.

But the kicker came when I printed out the newsletter. Returned to the office to be told that I had to redo it because an item was incorrect. Slapped the policy on the desk. Recap: A month ago, the assistant mgr., with whom she has a running
conflict...that female thing, decided that if staff left their badges at home, the office would no longer make replacements and instituted a new process. It was discussed with the store manager; my nemesis watched as I put together the whole thing. Not a word of dissent. NOW there's a problem? A month later? To be clear, the policy says that LOST and WORN badges would be replaced...nothing about badges left at home. Now you know I asked why she didn't say something. "I told Greg; I deal with management (what is the assistant?); She should read the policy." So the upshot of the whole thing? I'm not redoing squat. That's their argument; not mine. I'm too old for the b.s.

But on the positive side for Wally...they've just extended a $12 million letter of credit, through their foundation, to expedite construction of the MLK, Jr. National Memorial. This is in addition to the $1 million donation made in 2005. The letter of credit allows the Memorial Foundation to submit the final financial documents the Park Service to obtain a construction permit. Now, what did you learn from that? First, that Walmart is not all bad and secondly, that the construction permit is issued by the Park Service and not Washington, D.C. Who kn
ew? But when you think about it...if it had gone through my beloved city's shenanigans, it might never get done. Love ya' DC but the truth is the light.

Heard that Hillary is negotiating the post of SOS. Has to evaluate her options. She has none. Return to the Senate in her same position of junior Senator with no committees, or...step out big time. Get real.

Aren't these exciting times? Sharing with you some editorial cartoons sent to me by Cuz. Click on each one for a larger view. Enjoy.

and my favorite says it all:

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