December 17, 2008

Sweeten My Spirit, O Lord

I'm really praying hard as I type this. I had a totally different theme in mind when I woke up this morning. Wanted to tell you about the icy rain which turned the streets and walks into sheets of glass. The tremendous fog which was conjured up in Hollywood...perfect for a Halloween movie, Thriller, or a vehicle for Vincent Price.

But what am I doing? Trying to put things into the right perspective. Trying to be grateful and considerate, caring, sweet of spirit. It ain't working too good.

I was up most of the night for one reason or the other: too hot; too cold; bathroom runs. Whatever. So I missed my usual 5 a.m. wake-up call. It is still damp outside; very gray and gloomy. A lazy day and I'm off. The usual routine, make coffee, smoke, and watch all the morning cable shows. Saunter up to the kitchen a little after nine and see a truck parked in my yard. What is a truck doing in the yard and who does it belong to? I know this truck. Look out by the pecan tree and who is it but the "yard man" and his wife, helping themselves to the nuts.
See, this falls under the category of being taken advantage of.

But you told him that he could gather nuts and give you half, right?
Yes, I did. is this being taken advantage of? Because, they're gathering the pecans for free and selling pies. Now, I know, without you telling me, that I would never use all of the pecans from that tree. And, I also know that I didn't have a damned thing to do with the prodigious crop; didn't fertilize it or anything. However, it is the principle of the thing. Is it too much to be given the courtesy of a call, as he's done on before. I had just paid him for homemade sausage the day before and he never mentioned that he would be back, again. So, if they pulled up today without calling (and that is really what has me steamed), how many other times have they been here? Seems to me that the sausage should have been free, given that they are making a profit off of my nuts. Not a happy camper, at all.

Lord, please help me get over this because it is so minor. I know this. But I am ticked.

I love Jacquie Lawson and have to share this with you. Enjoy. Match the Dogs

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