December 28, 2008

Too Hot...Too Cold

Christmas Day has come and gone. Hope your day was merry and bright. It was very bright and warm, here in Ripley. Amazing. Tuesday was frigid and rainy. I mean FRIGID. On Tuesday night, the mighty Mississippi turned upside down and poured over this area for about 5 hours. The noise was deafening. Of course, I woke up thinking "tornado." Just volumes of water bombarding everything. Water was shooting straight out of my neighbor's downspouts. The yards had standing water and several areas flooded. As I passed the front bathroom, I heard water and thought that a pipe had burst. Needless to say, the water had found its way into my newly-refinished bathroom. I was so depressed when I went in to work on Wednesday. Just what is the problem with that section of the roof? It's been redone TWICE!

The rain did stop on Christmas day but it has rained every day, including Christmas night, for the past two weeks. Very cold. Then, 74 degrees on Friday. 74 degrees? Temperatures are supposed to return to normal this week. Now I don't mind the warm weather but 74 degrees? Get out.

Picked up a bitch of a cold. Started on Christmas Day. I thought it was infected sinuses because they were the only thing hurting. When I left the job on Friday, I had a bag of medicines to ingest. When I clocked out on Saturday, I had a gallon of oj to help the germs on their way. I can't afford to get sick. The germs are rampant in Wally World--affecting staff and customers alike. Staff, like me, can't afford to be off sick so they come in and pass it on. The customers, well, shopping must be done but cover your mouth, for pete's sake. Anyway, the cold will pass. Once you get it, you just have to ride it out and try to stay comfortable.

Nemesis is still at it, boys and girls. Pray for her (and me, too). I had cashier's duty on Friday and she came by to tell me that one of the massage mats had been marked down half-price and that she might get one. That's it. When I came in on Saturday, at 5:00 a.m., that's right, 5 a.m., and ran the payroll, a manager asked me had I made adjustments for those who did not qualify for holiday pay? Do what? Was I told anything about this? Read the third and fourth sentence, again. No notes, no e-mails, no nothing. He showed me how to pull up the listing of absentees, something else that I didn't know existed. Of course, it's too late to make adjustments because the payroll had been finalized.

The next question was how many people appearing in the overtime column were those that had been grandfathered in? Good grief! She had run through those names so early on (and you know that there is no listing in print in the office) until I could only remember one name and that is because he gets to work every Sunday. Called my good friend in Dyersburg and began a painstaking search of the company's intranet. Once I learned the date which ended the time and a-half pay for Sundays, it was time to look at each employee's hire date to see who qualified. I now have a list and guess whose name is on it? You got it!

Honestly, I thought that only one person in the world lived to think nothing but evil and that was my father. Now I know that there are two.

Turning the subject to animals for a minute. A coworker had to put her dog to sleep. Very overwrought as anyone would be after having a pet for 17 years. I miss Cindy and I only had her for a year. But, although I don't have any pets, there are paw prints all over my car. One of those worthless cats is making its home on the roof of my car, at night. I caught it reclining one day and gave chase. However, I guess it feels like I'm not around to chase it off and so....

Well, it's time for my next dose of whatever. Pray that I don't o.d. While I recover, take time to enjoy this card sent by a soror of mine. Click on the link to open it. Ashland University

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