January 16, 2009

Good Grief!!!

One minute I'm watching the grilling of Eric Holder on Capitol Hill, the next I'm watching an airplane floating in the Hudson River. Say what???

I am not a fan of flying. I will do it and grit my teeth. I love watching the cloud formations and am scared ****less when we hit turbulence. Let me tell you straight up...I would have panicked big time had I been on that plane. They would have brought me off in a straight-jacket. No kidding. Hats off to the pilot and his crew for doing a phenomenal job. Thank God I wasn't on the plane.

So am I turning into Chicken Little? I'm starting to get mighty scared of living. What happened to that reckless teen/young adult? Hopefully she has become wiser in her old age. Of course, that's still open for discussion.

Here's the health update. Whatever is in the system is alive and well. Had lunch on Wednesday night, BLT, and my lips were swelling before I could finish the sandwich. Swelling and itching--not welts, mind you--but big bumps. Within an hour, my mouth looked like Mr. Ed's. Came home and popped Benadryl as well as the time-honored cure-all. Not effective. A piece of strawberry toast last evening had the same effect. (No cookies in the house to satisfy the sweet tooth.) Pork doesn't seem to be the common denominator; maybe wheat? Nope, had bread with a salad on Tuesday and didn't swell. I remember that carrot juice is a neutralizer so I'm off to get some. Jeez.

And, of course, the water pipes are in the process of freezing. Can I catch a break around here? Yes, I left the faucets dripping but obviously not enough. And I ratcheted up the heat in the kitchen and bathroom. NO hot water. How can the hot water pipe freeze? The cold water is running (as much as it will) in every faucet in the house. I'll worry about that bill next month. In the meantime, I'm thankful that I'm not in the same shape as last year...with NO water.

Pray for me.

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