January 16, 2009

Pomegranate Juice???

In Ripley? Are you kidding me? That's right, the local grocery chain carries pomegranate juice but NO carrot juice. Get out of here. Over to the baby section. Nope. I can get mixed berry, apple, orange, prune, everything but carrot juice. I'll check out Wally's selection tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe, the store with everything will have it. I'll also check to see if they carry pomegranate juice.

Colder than a witch's tit down here. If I had not had an errand to run, believe me, my brown round would have never left the house. Ran into a co-worker who commented that I should be used to this cold. Being used to it and liking it are two different things. I wouldn't have left the house in D.C., either, unless absolutely necessary. And there are snow flakes swirling about. They were NOT mentioned in the forecast.

There's a heater plugged up in the main bathroom, hoping beyond hope, that it will thaw out the water pipes. I believe that the hot water pipe from the water heater has frozen but what do I know? So I've placed the heater right next to that wall. Why not in the same room with the water heater? No outlet in that hallway. And there is a heater in the computer room which has no heat and is miserably cold. Making the city of Ripley rich.

Now, I don't have to tell you that, in keeping true to form, I put off until today what should have been done yesterday. Wash my hair that is. Remember, I have no hot water. I think the last time I had to pour water through my hair to wash it was when I was a little thing on Columbia Rd. But I can't wait until the water thaws and Lord knows I'm not putting my head under cold water. So, here we go. Got the job done with a lot of shortcuts. No moisturizer, yada yada. Just washed it and dried it. Styling in the a.m.

The meeting on Tuesday, in Jackson, was held in a small hotel similar to Residence or Hampton Inn. And? They had a display case with one of Carl Perkins' stage outfits, a guitar, sheet music, etc. Carl Perkins, of Blue Suede Shoes fame, long deceased, owns the city of Jackson and the hearts of Tennesseans. He established a lot of facilities for abused children. Ripley opened one up the street from me last year.

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