January 18, 2009

The Dream

Oh, man! Do I ever wish that I was in D.C., right now! Now that doesn't mean that I would try to join the throngs (did that for Clinton; couldn't see a thing and it was every bit as cold) but just being there would mean so much. HISTORY! I'm thrilled just watching it on the television.

And a pimpin' president. Can you believe it? Not only is he of African descent but he walks with a slight pimp. I'd never noticed it before because he was always running up on stage or something. But take another look at his stroll to the Oval Office with Bush. Yep, that's a pimp alright. Now where did he learn that?

D. C.'s Mayor Fenty has been on every station that will allow him access. And why did I catch an interview with Police Chief Cathy Lanier? They are not my favorite people but they represented well. Go D.C. Too bad I can't add sound effects to this blog. I'll have to work on that.

But back to the moment. I pulled out my paternal family line this week and tried to put this event into perspective. Our family started in slavery 160 years ago, with the birth of Rachel Brock, in 1849. The president at that time was James K. Polk. Her first child was born under Andrew Johnson. She bore her last child, Mary, in 1889, during the administration of President Benjamin Harrison. Altogether Rachel Brock lived through 12 presidential administrations including:

Buchanan 1857; Lincoln 1861; Andrew Johnson 1865; Grant 1869; Hayes 1877; Cleveland 1885; Garfield 1898; McKinley 1901; Theodore Roosevelt 1905; Taft 1909; and Wilson 1913

Five generations later, her descendants are celebrating the inauguration of the 44th president, Barack Obama. Good Glory in the Morning. What is more appropriate than "Lift Every Voice and Sing" at this time?

But not let's not forget upon whose shoulders Barack stands. On Monday, we'll celebrate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, the man who made it possible for so many of us. I found this tribute to share with you. King Tribute Enjoy. And take a moment to revisit King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Dr. King, I think that check is being cashed. Amen? Amen.

Health alert. They need more blood. Hold up. What is going on?? Did they lose or contaminate the first sampling? Now, I'm nervous. Still scratching and rashes appear. Benadryl to the rescue. Also need to discuss that EKG with Dr. Z. When he was trying to discuss it, I was too miserable to give it any attention. Now, I've had a chance to connect the dots between the tingling in my arm and the distorted chart. I'm all ears.

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