January 27, 2009

Making the Rounds

Talking about me and Rod, the governor. I'll deal with me, first. My days off are being spent making the rounds of having tests run. I have so many scheduled until I couldn't, for the love of Pete, remember today's appointment was for. Mammogram, chest x-ray (nope, that's tomorrow), pap smear, ultra sound? What? Turns out it was the ultra sound to check the digestive organs. Non-invasive. DO I EVER like that word. Looks like every thing is okay, except for the cyst on the kidney. Not to worry, I'm told, it's normal after the age of 50. Right. But they'll keep an eye on it. The technician showed me the pictures afterwards. Interesting. The gall bladder is in front of the liver. Looks like the pancreas is okay. As is the aorta going down to the stomach. So now we just have to figure out why I break out every time I eat and have the esophageal spasms. Hurry up, will you? This is misery.

Now to the governor. Is it a crime to be an ***hole? A whole lot of us would be in jail, if that is the case. On some points, I have to agree with him. He's being tried in the court of public opinion without being charged or substantive proof of corruption. He only talked about selling the seat; he didn't or was unable to follow through. Did manage to get his senatorial choice seated, however. different are his actions from those that go on daily in the halls of power? I guess they weren't caught on tape. But we know money passes hands for everything. Nevertheless, he just might have wanted to have been in Springfield, rather than in the Big Apple. Regardless of whether the outcome is preordained. I've got to look up the impeachment process because if he is not allowed to present his side, it looks like a kangaroo court to me. Realistically, Guv, step down. You can't win.

Ice storms are the forecast for western TN, which is where I live. So far, we've only had rain although the bushes are iced over. Very pretty. As long as it stays on the vegetation and not the roads, it'll be fine. The folks here were busy last night doing the same things that the folks in your neck of the woods do when bad weather (ice or snow) is predicted. Stocking up on toilet paper, milk, fixings for chili or beef stew; making plans to be off from work or school. No go. My worry was and is that if they have an ice storm that knocks out the power, I will have no HEAT. Not a problem. I cook by gas and learned, at my mother's knee, how to turn on the oven and put a pot of water on the burner. Push come to shove, I can sleep in the kitchen. Here's hoping push and shove don't meet.

Applied for a transfer to another store, about 30 miles from here, which has a training coordinator vacancy. I think I'll get it for two reasons: 1.) It solves the problem of Nemesis without HR having to do a thing, and 2.) I have a modicum of experience. HAH! I hope that I won't be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. You know that I hardly want to drive that distance daily to be faced with the same situation. Say a prayer.

Stay warm.

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