January 30, 2009

Can't Handle It

Ripley and snow don't mix. If 44 thinks D.C. can't deal with snow, he should pay a visit to this town. We've had snow flakes but the first real snow fell early Wednesday morning. It was raining when I zonked out and snow was on the ground when I woke up. How pretty! Now in my favorite home town, it would be a dusting, more accurately, just enough snow to be a nuisance. Not enough to close down but enough to cause a two-hour delay for schools. Maybe an inch but I don't think it was even that much.

The view is from my front door and you can see blades of grass so you know it wasn't deep. (Click on the photo to enlarge.) Well, boys and girls, the people freaked! The town shut down!

I had a full day of doctors' appointments and bundled up warmly. Lawd, lawd. John Deere tractors were clearing the streets which immediately turned to ice! Where in the hell are the salt trucks? You cannot plow the streets, with the temperature below freezing, and not put down salt! STIMULUS! Ripley needs salt trucks and instructions on how to remove snow! I carefully, and prayerfully, crawled down the winding hills to the first appointment. "Lord, please don't let me go into a slide on one of these turns." Made it to Rte. 51, which wasn't much better, and on to the doctor's. The parking lot was in the process of being cleared and they were putting down salt. Hmmm, seems like I am one of the few who ventured out. Go in and take a seat. "Maybe you should let them know that you're here." It's a good thing; I would have sat there forever. Only the receptionist and nurse were on board and they were in the process of leaving! Good grief! (Did I say that I had ignored the voice telling me to call to see if they were open?) Back home, praying my way up the hills, and promptly canceled the remaining appointments. By mid-day, the icy streets had melted. What would they do if they got 3 inches or more?

To be fair, the areas around Ripley lost power, some are still without and it is predicted that it will be weeks before it is reconnected. Across the river, in Arkansas, they really caught it. A frozen tree limb fell on and killed a police chief while he was trying to help clear an area. Wally, in Dyersburg, sold out of candles, etc., and folks at our store were busy packing up merchandise to send to them. I understand that the number of no-shows, at the store, was high. Even Nemesis didn't come in until mid-day. So, though I am laughing, I also realize that we were blessed.

Blago, Blago...what will we do without you? I don't quite think you got a fair deal with this impeachment thing; seems like they had an axe to grind. But you were an embarrassment. Innocent until proven guilty? You had to go.

And what happened to the spirit of bipartisanship? Extended hand; clenched fist. Welcome to D.C., 44.

Be Blessed!

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