February 03, 2009

Scared Spitless

I knew my wallet was missing when I picked up my purse. Too light. Not that there was any money in it but my cell adds a little weight. The fact that it was open was also a clue. Looked around the crowded room. What would possess me to leave my purse unattended? I know better. Been in Ripley, too long.

I'd been doing volunteer work in a library in Memphis. Immediate panic. All of my i.d., what little cash I possessed, and my phone. I'm in the middle of nowhere, have no contacts to call, and no money. Must get home. Leave the library in a rush. Out the wrong door, my car is on the other side. Square the block in a hurry. Which street is the car parked on? Young men are slowly walking behind me adding to the panic. Locate the car and pile in, heart beating a million miles a minute and gasping for breath. Then I woke up. My heart was beating like a jackhammer and I was hyperventilating. The vein in my neck was extended. Lawd, lawd. I'm going to kill myself in my own bed. What a dream. What a nightmare! Obviously, I'm not supposed to be in Memphis.

The Super Bowl scared me and the Steelers on the same day. Didn't hyperventilate and the heart didn't go into overdrive but there were some thrilling moments in the game. Expected the Steelers to win but really started rooting for the Cardinals in the 4th quarter. They gave the Steelers a real run for the money in the closing minutes. Not to be, however. Great game. Congrats to all my Steeler friends. Bet Harrisburg was rocking. Serendipity was too. Good thing there are no close neighbors around.

February is, as you know, Black History Month. So I will be doing my part in making sure that you don't forget your history. Starting it off with a fantastic rendition, by the Dells, of the Star Spangled Banner. The video makes up for the three days I missed in keeping you informed. Star Spangled Banner

And speaking of Black history...what about Michael Steele's election as head of the Republican National Committee? What a historical moment! What a joke! Almost as bad as the choice of Palin as the VP candidate. Except he has more creds. Can you say T O K E N? And the backlash started immediately. COFCC I wasn't aware of their existence until an article appeared in a local newspaper about the sheriff in Dyersburg being reprimanded for speaking at one of their meetings. Says he didn't know about the organization's agenda; thought they were just a community organization in need of a speaker. PLEASE!

Wally rotates assistant managers to different departments throughout the year to give them experience in each area of the store. So personnel is now under new "management." What a love fest in the office yesterday. The male manager was summoned back to review the schedule and previous reports. An explanation of what the reports were for, who received them, yada yada. No such love extended to the previous manager, a female. Knew I was right on the money on that one. Feminine wiles on display, big time. Have noticed that behavior around males before--that is so old school--but, whatever works.

Haven't heard about my transfer. Did give a courtesy heads-up to the acting manager. We'll see. Had an opportunity to speak to the former manager and learned that he will have an opening for a personnel manager in a few months. Told him that I was putting in for it. "Really? You'd relocate up here?" Told him that I wouldn't relocate but might drive it. We had a good laugh. Drive three hours up and three hours back? N O T!

Wishing you well.

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