February 03, 2009

TAXES? What Taxes?

Boys and girls, I'm having a serious problem with all these people who have made more money than I have in a lifetime not paying their taxes. And just why has Obama been able to find every last one of them for his cabinet picks? Good grief! And all that hoopla about my man, Bill, and his million-dollar speaking fees? At least, he PAID his taxes!

Somebody has not served 44 well in the vetting process. And the excuses are getting mighty lame. You can, begrudgingly, excuse Geitner for his $33K mistake but $100K oversight? N O T! And now here comes some woman who has withdrawn her name from consideration. The female anchor on MSNBC is livid; claims there is a double-standard because the men have squeaked through but the woman has withdrawn her name. Hold on, sista-girl, until we know all the facts about her situation. Maybe she can't afford to ante up the money like the fellas. I don't know. But I do know that I'm mighty tired of the non-taxpayers.

Now, here's some jerk making excuses--of the 88 people appointed to office so far, only three have had a problem and two made apologies and paid up--but brother-man, they are KEY figures! Don't you get it?

Now that you know how I feel--how do you feel?

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