January 25, 2009


I was a little at loose ends because there was NO football on my television set. Of course, I could always clean but what fun is that? Couldn't sleep; did enough of that when I came in on Saturday, after pulling a 5 a.m. shift. Which meant that I got up at 3 a.m. Sheez! I was whipped!

So flipping through the channels, I came up on The Color Purple. Good grief! Why Whoopie didn't win an Oscar for that, I'll never know. Hated Mister just as much today as I hated him the first time I saw the movie. Too much like my father. 'Nuff said. Great movie.

Then the Gospel Celebration. Well, well. They drug out everybody. LL Cool J? Christian rap? Okay, I like LL Cool J. And I like Lou Gossett, Jr., but was he necessary to introduce a group from Africa? They were good. And Steve Harvey hosted again. Like Steve Harvey.

But the icing on the cake was the tribute to Patti LaBelle. Anybody who knows me knows that I love anything and everything she sings. Didn't miss too many shows when she came to town. We go back a long way, from Patti LaBelle and the Bluebells, to LaBelle, to Patti LaBelle. Fantasia worked it out on "Lady Marmalade," Jennifer Hudson was fabulous on "Over the Rainbow," and Yolanda Adams did a number on "You'll Never Walk Alone." Patti ended it with "A Change is Gonna Come." Lawd, lawd! Everybody is singing that one. Caught Seal singing it and he did a good job but is anybody giving Sam Cooke credit? But back to the was FANTASTIC!

And, yes, I did find time to do something besides sit in front of the tv. Rattled some pots and pans. Cooked a roast, sweet potatoes, fried cabbage, and made a bread pudding. Oh, my! I was on a roll.

Had security doors put on and promptly got locked out. The house was closed up tighter than a drum and, as usual, I had to get to work. Went in and asked Nemesis for the contractor's phone number. "I don't have it." Now, I knew she was lying because he's done work at her house. Finally tracked it down. Bless his heart, he came running. Was back within minutes. Silly me. I'd gotten nervous and was using the wrong keys on the wrong doors. I think I'm losing it.

Downing Benadryl and wishing you good night. Pray for me.

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