January 21, 2009


Well, it wasn't 44 (I like that) who dropped the ball during the oath of office; it was CHIEF Justice Roberts who messed up! I knew Joe Cool would know his lines. And Roberts should have know his. Since this was his first time administering the oath, I guess his nerves got the best of him.

I was shocked by the signs "Arrest Bush." I don't know why but just didn't expect it...or the boos. Not polite, at all. But had I been there, I'd probably have booed too. Caught up in the moment, as it were.

I was extremely thankful to the powers that be for not scheduling me until 4 p.m. That allowed me to see everything but the parade. I gleefully watched the route to the White House, ticking off landmarks: the Old Post Office, Canadian Embassy (weren't the Mounties fantastic?), the Temperance statue, and on and on. Barack's in the H-O-U-S-E! And I got home in time to see some of the appearances at the balls. I was dying to see what type gown Mrs. Cool would wear. I've listened to the oohs and aahs on all of the channels and the praise from style experts. I hope it showed better in person. Don't think that would have been my choice but it was pretty.

Did not like her choice for the National Prayer Service; on the tv it looked like a house dress. I think someone is going to have to clue her in about how things looks over the television. That paintball dress for the acceptance speech was a disaster. Oh, Mrs. Cool, drop those wispy bows, please.

When I went in to work, humming Barack's in the h-o-u-s-e, I learned that Wally showed a little bit of the inauguaration on the in-house system. Wally also donated major bucks to the homeless shelters in D.C., as their contribution to the inauguration. A customer asked how I felt, just chit chat, and my response was the usual, "just fine." "That's the cherriest answer I've heard all day. Some folks around these parts are mighty sad." Really? Get over it. Get on the bus, Gus, we've left the station.

And in keeping with the oops, I left out a few presidents who were in office during the beginning of my paternal line. I don't think they'll mind. I just found it so fascinating when put in context with this historical event.

Health update: Dr. Z doesn't have a clue as to what is going on with the body. Other tests will be scheduled. High level of cholesterol; alarming low level of Vitamin D. What was alarming to me was the price tag I got hit with when I went to pick up the vitamin D prescription. $43 for some vitamins? Are you kidding me? I can get them for about $5 in the HBA aisle. Well, seems I'm taking a megadose weekly--50,000 mg. Get out of here! 50,000 mg? My level must be extremely low. Now vitamin D is manufactured by sunlight and I can go days without stepping foot out of the door, as well as fresh fruit and veggies, all of which are missing from my diet. Have you looked at the price of fresh fruit, lately? Guess I'll bit the bullet...and the fruit.

Yesterday's snowfall lasted all of two hours, if that long. I'm thankful. So that's it from Serendipity. Rock on!

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