February 06, 2009

Disturbing the Peace

Lawd, lawd, I know this will sound awful and I don't really intend it that way but I just can't find another way to say it. You know I keep telling you about how peaceful Ripley is and how much I enjoy the quietness. The sound of a helicopter overhead is disconcerting, very rarely heard, as is a siren. So you can imagine how pissed I am at whomever it is that has a rattletrap, with a muffler in need of repair, and who has nothing better to do then drive up and down the street on which I live. I don't know whether he lives around the corner or is just visiting but I know that I am mighty tired of hearing his muffler, the bass from his radio, and the car door slamming. Furthermore, even though gas is under $2.00 a gallon, why is he wasting gas and money? My car stays parked unless it is absolutely necessary to move it. I know, I know, he's probably doing something more than going to work as we know it.

Whoever said that there's a sucker born every minute must have been talking about me. Honestly, I've been scammed more since I've been here than I have been in my entire life. But I'm waiting on this person. They'll come my way again and the scorpion's sting is waiting to strike.

Here's what else is going on this fine city. The good Deacon ignored me when I spoke to him on my lunch break the other day. Now that was not a Christian way to act, especially since he was on a cane. A teacher was suspended after being caught with 3 grams of weed in his car during a traffic stop. Some of the parents were upset, not because he had the weed and got caught, but because he is a very good teacher and great with the kids. And folks had better learn that they cannot mess with Wally's money; they will get caught. I understand that the interim manager will be leaving next week, returning to his home store. No word on who the new manager will be. And, naturally, Nemesis left no instructions as to what had happened while I was off or how to handle it. Thursday was a very busy day. Gave me a headache. One employee had broken his nose on the job the day before. "I need to make a doctor's appointment but you have to do it because it's a workman's comp issue." Say what? "His prescription is here to be filled but it's a workman's comp case. How do we handle it?" Say what? "We need you to fax over the papers for xxx again, because we filled in the wrong name." What papers? "Can you give us a reference for xxxx?" I was mighty glad to see the end of that shift, believe me. And, in case you're wondering, yes, I handled everything.

Click on the links for your history lesson.

Black Washingtonians know the Scurlocks and their fame as photographers of Black society and history. Their studio at the corner of 9th and U Street was legendary. To have your photograph taken by them was the thing. So now they are being honored with an exhibit. Take a look at the video and make plans to see it.


MSNBC has quite a bit on its site for Black History Month including an interactive calendar on Black history Today in Black History, an interactive game, and quite a few articles of interest. Many thanks to my Baltimore cousin for bringing it to my attention. You know I'm happy to share.

And my health? Still scratching. Got to go. Be Blessed.

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