February 07, 2009


With the election of 44, there's a heated debate as to the relevancy of Black History Month. Obsolete, unnecessary, segregationist. Needless to say, I am very much on the side of its ongoing need and, to my mind, expansion. Why? Because we have a very rich history, full of accomplishments in all fields, that is NOT included/integrated into the history books, lesson plans, main stream America. Publishers will not incur the cost of rewriting their books to show America's rich tapestry. Nor will the education system revamp their curriculum at the expense of being considered "offensive."

Ask yourself why didn't you learn of the contributions of people such as Garrett Morgan, who invented the stop light and improved the gas mask, Jan Matzeliger and his shoe-last machine, Willis Johnson and his egg beater, and many others? I am continually learning and being amazed by these facts. Check this out: The Black Inventor

So I would like to thank Carter G. Woodson, born on February 7th, for his foresight. As a result of his actions we, as a people, will not forget. An African proverb states: "“Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter.”

And while I'm still on the subject of Black History, Wally is one of the underwriters for Tavis Smiley's America I Am exhibit, coming to an area near you. Don't miss it. And you might want to view Louis Gate's narrative: Tour of Echoes

Okay, now I'm moving to other things. It looks like the rain (which has been falling steadily for the last few days) just might be over. Of course, I discovered another leak. Things don't change at Wally. How do you give a farewell lunch for the interim manager and NOT give notice to everyone in the store? Just the same little crew. And there was no one scheduled for the jewelry department last evening. During the week of Valentine's Day? Are you kidding me? Sent me you know I love jewelry...but I don't know squat about the department. "Just stand there." Right. I want to buy.... Talking about sweating. My hair, which is in need of a perm, looked like corduroy by the time I left out of there.

Prayer heals so please pray for all my friends but three in particular: Walter, Frances, and her friend. And if you think prayers go unanswered, think on this: the homeless woman who asked 44 for help at the Ft. Myers town meeting, yesterday, received an offer of housing immediately after the meeting. Henrietta Hughes God is good.

See ya.

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