February 15, 2009

Don't Worry; Be Happy

I am trying my best to become a stoic, not "boring" or "dull," but using 3 principles ascribed to The Stoics of Ancient Greece:

1. You should not worry about or place value in anything you cannot control.
2. You should spend most of your time doing, not thinking or theorizing or planning.
3. You should strive to locate happiness in things you can control.

If you know me well, then you know that I can often be the epitome of negativism or optimism. I guess it depends on which side of the bed I woke up on. So, I'm trying to regularly wake up on the optimistic side. Be a little more Christian in my thinking of people whom I meet. Now, that's a tall order.

See, I'm convinced that the Ripley Wally has amassed some of the worst personalities which this county has to offer. But, I'm trying to roll with it. There is an elderly employee who is the most negative character whom you will ever meet. NO one wants to or enjoys working with her. EVERYTHING is a complaint. She tries every last nerve in the body. Then there are those who are bitching about my cleaning out the refrigerator on Saturday mornings. A task that I don't enjoy nor feel that it should be my responsibility. "Do we have to put a date on our stuff?" This, after I dug into my pocket and reimbursed her for a soda that had just been put in the refrigerator that morning. Maybe. How was I supposed to know? The sign is clearly posted--items will be dumped on Saturday. Seems to me, after it has been discussed repeatedly, even at yesterday's meeting, that you would: 1) take your stuff out or 2) let me know that you just put something in. So if it means it needs to be dated, so be it. But the economy size box of cereal, the gallon of potato salad, the 1/2 gallon of milk? Got to go. One thing has been accomplished; however, the number of items left in the sink are dwindling.

Then there's the balking about the reorganization. Out of my control; companies do it all the time--changing job descriptions, etc.,--sign the papers and move on. Nemesis finally had to give in and include me in a portion of the paper-shuffle. When she came in on Saturday a.m., I had obtained quite a few signatures. Surprised? You betcha!

As for the transfer, I don't think that it will be forthcoming immediately. Too many other things going on the company take precedence. Hurry up and wait.

But in case you thought that I'd forgotten your Black History moment--N O T!!! Wally put up a fantastic web site that you just have to visit.

Our Voice

The daffodils are starting to bloom and birds are everywhere. Mother Nature sticks to her schedule regardless of the temperatures. I'm waiting for the return of permanent warm temperatures.

It is a football-less Sunday which means that I can throw away more stuff. I'm off. Be Blessed.

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