February 24, 2009

One Upsmanship

Listening to Gov. Jindal's rebuttal to 44's speech. Pulled out his immigrant roots (44...he really tried to outdo you there); Americans can do anything (there's an echo chamber here); health care; clean energy; charter schools. Put aside partisan politics. Okaaay! Transparency. Where's the rebuttal to the Democratic party line? The difference is doing it; the other is giving lip service. Come up with some ideas will you and stop saying that it can't be done. Americans can do anything.

On to other things. Murdoch gave, for him, an apology for the offensive cartoon. Fire the cartoonist and the people who gave the go-ahead. Boys and girls, there's still time for you to register your disapproval. You know that I was on it, immediately. A-Rod got caught lying...again. Marion Barry got a kidney. Captain Scully disclosed that he took a 40% pay cut and lost his pension. Golly! I might not ever get on a plane again. Mrs. Joe Cool looked smashing at the first black tie affair, except for that horse collar which she wore. It, too, was smashing. They just didn't go together. The gown is what she should have worn to the inaugural. But what do I know? I may never get to wear anything pretty again.

Stopped past my favorite Realtors for a brief chat. Had to do it. They left a message that they had scoured the local undertakers and I wasn't there. Mr. Floyd, frail in the best of times, got caught by that 60-mile-an-hour last week and was lifted off of his porch and slammed to the ground on his back. He's on a walker. Told him to put bricks in his pocket or gain weight. Miz Marlene had a cancerous growth removed from her face and also underwent plastic surgery to repair the damage. She is so sweet. Still wants me to come to her church on the corner. They've got a new preacher, finally, and the street was lined up with cars.

Inspected the work being done on the square. That is definitely a long-term project. Sallied over to the courthouse and gave Lauderdale County some hard-earned money. Went to the Mayor's office and left some for the City of Ripley. So the tax return has come and gone. Just like that. In the bank in the a.m., gone by the p.m. I'm thankful. And I see that I wasn't the only one who waited to the last days to pay their taxes. Since I was making my rounds, I ended with visiting my good friend Criner. "Come in, come in. Have a seat." Just a courtesy to keep somebody on my side.

The new manager arrived on Monday. Sharp young man with a ready smile. I don't think he's going to be smelling what the folks are cooking. Walked in to find out that the manager of the Covington store had called and left a message for me to call. I couldn't get to a phone fast enough. I HATE Wally's interview questions; they have absolutely nothing to do with your qualifications. So then I had to bug Mr. O, who had come in to introduce the new manager, about how many people were interviewing; what were my chances; yada yada. Nemesis hadn't known about the proposed transfer until the call came in from Covington. Surprised. My point about exclusion was driven home to Mr. O when a young man was shown in for his follow-up interview while Nemesis was at lunch. No paper work. Anywhere. Who, what, when? And a call from the flower shop about a delivery for an Associate in the hospital who was not there. Fortunately she called while we were trying to track down her whereabouts. Nemesis came back from lunch and she didn't know where the paperwork was, either. Didn't look good but he was sent off for the pee test and background check. Understand that I did good on the interview. Keep your fingers crossed. I need those extra hours. Even if it is more wear and tear on Abby.

After making my rounds around the square, I was off to Dyersburg. Surely, using my gift cards to Lowe's, I could get some tile for the kitchen back splash, a shade, something. And while I was in that great city, check out the pet store for a puppy. Didn't get the tile, didn't get the shades, and never got near the puppy place. Maybe another day.

Came home with some canna bulbs and propped myself at the computer. Where else? To see a breaking news alert that a deadly accident had occurred at the Lauderdale/Dyer county line, on route 51, right after I cruised through that stretch. Get out of here! There was definitely a reason why I never made the puppy store. Fatal Crash

It's Fat Tuesday and I had gumbo in tribute to Mardi Gras. Not the best batch I've made but it sufficed. Mardi Gras beads and other mementos of my previous trip to Mardi Gras almost made up for my not being there.

For all my music lovers, here's your Black History fact. Jazz and the Civil Rights Movement Enjoy.

Adding one more name to the prayer list, in addition to my favorite Realtors. Hang in there, Jayfoy. Be blessed.

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