February 26, 2009

Crying Time

Don't make no plans...Don't be disappointed. You guessed it. I was passed over. The manager chose an employee from within to fill the spot I applied for. So here are the questions: What happened to "transfer approved"? Why did the position go unfilled for six weeks if her choice was in the store? And since it was a lateral move, why did I have to go through hoops of interviewing, etc.? Normally, the person puts in for a transfer and is accepted. No questions asked. But, then, we are talking about me, right? And we know my track record. And you're picking someone that you have to train? Does this mean that Mr. O doesn't have the clout he purports to have?

So what's the next move? Gonna sit right down and talk to the new manager. Using Wally's Open Door. All I'm asking for is the opportunity to do my job, unhindered. And, of course, the hours I should be getting. Not the ones they are doling out. And, then, as a last resort, going over everybody's head. Sheez.

Forty years ago, Shirley Chisholm of New York became the first African-American woman elected to Congress. How many African-American women have followed her?

* 25
* 48
* 12
* 22

Talk to you later. It's crying time, again.

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