March 19, 2009

March Madness!

Can that title ever cover a plethora of topics but, right now, I'm talking about the weather in Western Tennessee. Last week we had four days of beautiful, balmy, weather. People forgot that it was early March and broke out flip-flops, shorts, halters--the usual. Flowering trees sprang alive. The tulip tree in the front and the weeping cherries across the street were in their glory. Then on Wednesday, the temperatures started to drop, it began to rain, and on Thursday morning, the world awoke to it's own ICE PALACE. It gave a new meaning to "frozen in time". Stunning! And I loved the tinkling sound when the wind blew. Fortunately the freeze was confined to the vegetation. By Saturday, we were back to normal with no harm to the flowers. This week we went from cold to 77 degrees on yesterday. Today, it is rain and in the 50's. No wonder they are saying that the flu season will extend to mid-April. And Spring arrives on Friday????

So tipping my hat to the game of basketball and the legendary meaning of "March Madness." Go Tigers! (Even though 44 picked Louisville.) Congrats to Coach Cal for being named SI's Coach of the Year. What are my real hometown teams doing?

Now to the madness gripping D.C.--the government, that is. What the @@##@@@ are they doing up there? Good grief! Paying bonuses to people that are no longer with the company? In the name of retention? Retain ME, please! Millions of dollars for ruining the company. Madness, another word for insanity, has struck. And my leaders didn't know about it? Now, being reasonable, it can hardly be expected for 44 to know every clause, word, phrase, contained in the documents presented for his signature. BUT...those responsible for putting the finished document in front of him? Somebody dropped the ball, big time, and they're hanging the prez out to dry. Lawd, lawd.

I seem to have a midnight visitor at Serendipity. Thank goodness for the new security gates. Of course, by the time I wake to the strange noises, whoever is gone. Maybe they'll visit one night when I'm awake and can call the police. It's basically the same ol' thing at Wally. I'm hanging and learning. More on that situation later.

Have to leave you for my date with Wally. Check out the online versions of Jet magazine while I'm gone. Truly worth your while. JET Magazine

Be blessed.

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