March 06, 2009

Fired UP!

First, let me deal with this Chris Brown/Rhianna fiasco. Everyone is saying that Chris Brown needs help (which he does, obviously) but the person in REAL need of intervention is Rhianna. He must have punched (innocent until proven guilty) every brain cell out of her head. There is NO WAY that she should be refusing a protective order or being seen snuggled up with him within a month of being beaten senseless. Honestly. Overheard a lively discussion in the store where some of the males held forth that the photo was a product of Photoshop or some other imaging tool. It was good for a laugh but the point is this: she is a beautiful young woman who has been accorded role model status by young women. The model that she is upholding at the moment, however, is that it is okay to be a punching bag. Somebody talk to the sistah...Please!

Now to the pundits who are criticizing 44 for his plans. Fix the banks. Did you tell "W" that? He had eight years to break them. 44 has only been in office for 40 days or so. Work with the brother; he didn't cause you to lose your money and he sure as hell ain't responsible for the dismal stock prices. Lord, I wish I had some disposable income. Stock shares in venerated companies for $1 a share? But not Wally. They're still hovering around the $50 mark.

The stimulus has worked for one friend at least. She has sidestepped foreclosure and the bank has cut the monthly mortgage. God is G O O D! Praying for you, girlfriend.

Michael Steele...prostrating himself before Rush? Now there are calls for his ouster. And he's only been in place a month. Realistically, he should have come with a plan and he should have key people in place. Didn't we say: T O K E N? Did he really think they wanted him because he was such a stellar, stand-up guy?

Heading to my neck of the woods. I live in Dixie Alley. Not Tornado Alley but Dixie Alley. Check it out. Tennessee At High Risk for Tornado Deaths Where was this article when I was researching this state? Everything I read downplayed their occurrence.

Last month, we heard about a theft in the store where the locks on the cases in Electronics were either picked or broken. The rumors were hush-hush. Now The State Gazette tells us that the same night, the same people hit the Dyersburg store for computers. Walmart Theft And speaking of theft, at the personnel meeting on Tuesday, they traded war stories on ways people steal out of the store. I have really lived a sheltered life. Putting saw blades or other items between the layers of quilts and blankets? Sneaking earrings into deodorant? Good grief.

Had a non-tactful chat with the new manager on Thursday. We'd chatted, amicably, on Saturday but girlfriend had me steamed on Thursday. Another set up. Not having it. She'd volunteered me to receive the weekly reports required by the regional HR dir (who couldn't land me my transfer) and send the final report. Never did it before. Another thing to learn. I'm happy. She was at lunch when I arrived; never goes before 1 p.m. No biggie; she'll be there until 5 p.m. N O T! At 20 minutes to 3 she announced that she was leaving. Of course, she didn't have time to show me how to do the report other than to tell that the template was in the attachment file. Or, she could do it when she came in the next morning. NOT happening. I found it. You know I did. Later the new mgr. told me that he had told her to stay within her bounds and wanted to know if I would train as back up in the bill-paying office. Of course, I will. Please! You know how much I absolutely hate math. Bring it on. Will it mean more hours? He can probably squeeze in a few. Thank you very much.

The snow is all gone. The temps are in the 70's. The bushes are springing forth with greenery and buds. Excuse me? They were buried under snow until Wednesday morning. Mother Nature keeps her own schedule. There are a lot of branches and limbs to be set by the curb. The magnolias did not like the amount of snow we received.

Rain in the forecast for the weekend and higher than normal temperatures. Sounds like tornado to me. Be blessed.

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