March 01, 2009


Had the opportunity to catch LaBelle, Patti, Sarah, and Nona, on The View and did they ever rock the joint. (Let me repeat: I LUV Patti; I LUV LaBelle.) Been together since teenagers, except for their 30 years apart (and even then Sarah and Nona did backup on Patti's albums). Good Googly Moogly!!! Patti and Nona are 64 and Sarah is 62...I'm 60...what water are THEY drinking? 'Cause I want some. Patti and Sarah have put on some pounds (haven't we all?) but Nona??? 64??? Give me a break. Take a look for yourself: LaBelle

Then Saturday night, while watching the snow fall, I caught PBS's Doo-Wop reunion. Lloyd Price, the Five Satins (In the Still of the Night), and many, many more. Lawd a Mercy. I was doo-wopping and dancing and clapping. Talk about a walk down memory lane!! The Limelites had me stumped for a moment until they started singing "Daddy's Home." Oh, yeah! SHEP and the Limelites but of course Shep died many, many years ago. Lenny Welch. WHO? Lenny Welch as in "Since I Fell for You." Oh YEAH! Little Anthony and the Imperials doing an a capella rendition of "Just Two Kinds of People in the World." Anthony's introduction to the song recalled standing on the street corner and harmonizing. Lawd, lawd, each neighborhood in D.C., had its star performers. Soft summer nights at 11th and Girard, or lunch hours at Cardozo, listening to great singing for FREE. Needless to say that was before the days of senseless drive-by shootings. Maybe our kids can take a lesson from days gone by. Ya' think?

Afterwards, there was a performance by the Boston Pops which had all kinds of "legends," Sting, John Mayer, etc., performing. Love Sting.

Phoebe Snow appeared on CBS' Sunday Morning and brought tears to my eyes. Recently, after a lifetime of loving her voice (Remember "Poetry Man") and thinking that she was just a "light-skinned NEGRO" (well, she did have an Afro back in the day), I learned that she is NOT a sistah but Jewish. Hold up! You know that you did, too! Fast forward to this morning...she had a developmentally-disabled daughter, Valerie Rose, whom she refused to institutionalize, and cared for until her death at 31. She was shown in concert singing an unbelievably touching tribute to her. I couldn't find that clip but here's one that you'll enjoy: Teach Me Tonight

It's the first of March and Spring is supposedly around the corner. Be Blessed.

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