March 01, 2009

Winter Wonderland

He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes (Psalm 147:16 TNIV).

It is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous! Something about that pristine whiteness that just leaves you in awe. 2 to 11 inches fell in this area, depending on where you live. 4 inches outside my back door. Lord knows what it is on the grassy areas. Millington, a suburb of Memphis, received 11 inches. Now, boys and girls, you know if there is whole-scale panic at a dusting, then you can imagine how they are freaking right about now.

S T R A N D E D! That's right. Folks are stranded on I-40 between Jackson and Memphis. One couple phoned the news station to report that they left Jackson at 6 p.m., yesterday, and had only reached Brownsville at 4:30 A.M. That is normally a 30-minute-drive. The station is trying to locate them at 8 a.m., this morning. I understand that folks also got stranded in other places and are spinning out in others. If you don't need to go out...DON'T. Someone parked their car, very neatly, in the church's parking lot across the street from me. Smart move. NO traffic is moving on the street and that includes snow plows. Guess we're waiting for the sun to do its thing. Obviously the driveway will need to be shoveled but I'm waiting for Mr. Sun to do his thing, as well. Hmmm...maybe the divine plan for me, not receiving the job in Covington, included the inability of TN to handle SNOW. You think?

Here's the homestead in daylight:

I might have to break out the old Nikon and dust off my photography books. I can see it now. Pictures of insects on leaves, birds on the wing, you know--Nat. Geo-type pictures. Wouldn't that be something?

Well, Brother dear, the baby green lima beans (not dried limas--which are just as good) are in the crock pot, along with celery, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and the lowly ham hock. A bowl of rice and some cornbread are in order. And, yes, I'm looking forward to it. :-)

And while I'm talking food, AARP recently ran an article on how manufacturers are ripping you off with the smaller packaging and higher prices. My lowly ham hock was sliced in half and cost just as much as the packages of two and three WHOLE hocks, which don't appear to be available in Wally World any longer.

Black History Month is officially over (I hear some of you breathing a sigh of relief) but not for me. And now it is Women's Month. So hold onto your hat. Now you get two for the price of one. Blanche K. Bruce, one of Mississippi's first Black Senators was born in 1841. Washingtonians know that an elementary school (mine) was named for him. And you should also know that he held the office of Recorder of Deeds. And we're also honoring Zora Neale Hurston because you need to know about her.

As always, be Blessed.

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