May 03, 2009

Two and Two

With all of the rain that we are having, I could be referencing the Bible and Noah's Ark, where Noah was told to bring two of every animal on board. But, I'm talking about my arrival in Tennessee two years and two days ago. May 1, 2007, I crossed the border between Virginia and Tennessee, headed to Memphis. Can you believe it?

Still haven't made Memphis, proper. Been through it, around it, but haven't spent a full day in the Bluff City. And from the crime reports, maybe I don't need to. Still, what an adventure. Sometimes I think that I am living in a foreign land, although I am in the good ole U.S of A. My speech pattern sets me apart; I speak so "proper." Their speech pattern takes a lot of deciphering. "Paddle" for pedal. R's inserted where they don't belong: "querstion," "bertiful." Sometimes I think I need an interpreter.

So let me catch you up. Have I told you lately how much I hate NewWave Communications? They are my cable, phone, and internet providers. And, you got it, I was without service last weekend. Now, the phone and cable are not mandatory but it should be working when I want, or need, to use it. On the other hand, internet access is PRIMARY! You can imagine my face when I had NO ACCESS all weekend! Letter to corporate headquarters. However, it did allow me to spend the day raking, digging, smoothing, and planting, before the rains fell. Still don't have all the flowers out. Ran out of mulch, ran into constant rain, but I'm still piddling.

Wally got rid of an employee this week, who should have been long gone. I brought in a young man on Saturday, who immediately set the young girls to batting their lashes and gushing. What a hoot! Very personable. We'll see. At least he's about his business and not like the other one I brought in a few weeks ago. He's decided that he will not complete his training. Your first job, a little over a month on the job and you decide what you will and won't do? I'm through. It's now in management's hands.

More deaths hit the store within the past week, so please keep them in your prayers. One lost her sister unexpectedly; the other couple's son was murdered while he slept. A lot of rumors going around on that one. His parents, especially his mother, are very pleasant people. Understand that she is having a hard time with it, as to be expected.

The painting is going forward, slowly. I'm being worked in between other jobs. The painters told me that a little group came out of the library to observe their work. I can just hear the conversation. Especially with it going from white to gray. Especially since gray is not a common house color in these parts. I'm comfortable with it and they will get used to it.

Be blessed. I'm looking forward to my three consecutive days off at the end of the week. Maybe the sun will shine.

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