May 22, 2009

Lock Down

Solitary confinement. A prisoner in my own house. Came home a week ago to find the side doors unlocked. Hmmm...did I forget to lock my new security door? Don't think so but maybe. But when the inner door knob turned and the door swung open??? Now that was just too much of a coincidence. The inner city training came into full force. Get back to the car...NOW! Beat a hasty retreat and off to the police station, two blocks away. Got an escort back to Serendipity and into the house we go. Nothing appears to be missing. Sooo...since nothing's missing...I must have left the DEADBOLTS unlocked on both doors. N O T!!

The nice policeman left and probably had not hit the top of the hill when a voice, got to trust that voice, said "Check the front door." See...all of the doors were closed so nothing looked out of the ordinary. The front door came open at a turn of the knob and the bolt on the glass doors was bent and pulled away from the wood. 9 1 1. Maybe I should put it on speed dial. Back comes the policeman with backup. We go through the house again. We differ on the means of access. They figure that I left the side doors open (N O T!!!!) and pushed out of the front door. I say that they pulled the front open and left through the side. Regardless, I was and am, to some degree, a scared puppy.

Got Mr. Don to secure the glass doors with additional bolts. The doors are so tall until I can only reach the top bolt via a step stool. The men in my life got busy evaluating safety areas and where noise and sensor devices needed to be installed. The motion lights outside? Burned out bulbs. They have been replaced. Additional motion lights are being obtained. This place will be better lit than the White House.

So what else did I discover today while they were replacing bulbs? The light beside the back door works. Excuse me, Mr. Electrician, thought you said that it needed replacing? And the front porch light? Came on. Maybe there is a short somewhere because it hasn't worked since I got here. Guess I'll have to start leaving that on, as well. While it works, that is. Bars on order. And you don't have to say it, yeah, in addition to not completing the work he was paid for, the electrician got over, big time. I can hear the good deacon telling me not to let the people in Lauderdale County take advantage. Good grief!!!!

We'll deal with Wally in another post. I've applied for the personnel manager spot in Brownsville. We'll see.

In the meantime, I'm well and safe. Keep me in your prayers and I'll do the same for you.

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kevin said...

Well you now have something in common with a celebrity.Your now on HOUSE ARREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But its good to know that you are safe and even in your infinite wisdom taking heed to some suggestions of safty