May 23, 2009

Lock Down 2

This little piggy cried Waah waah all the way out of my front/side door. I hadn't noticed that the piggy bank was gone until I went to put some coins in it on Saturday morning. Had been meaning to take it to Wally and use the coin machine but it was always too much trouble. Ignored that "voice" again. One day I will learn to listen.

So my "visitor" was looking for something quick and light to carry. Spare change. Cameras, binoculars, cash (not any more), a few pieces of real jewelry, not to mention televisions, etc., all left behind. Maybe for his second trip. Hungry? Crackhead? Probably both. Hopefully, all the bells, lights, and whistles will be up and working should he decide to come again.

Now to Wally. A coworker in another store is leaving to get married--to someone she met on MySpace. Before you say it, everyone knows that it is a scam BUT her. Pray for her please. Never met him--he's in Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, or jail. Security detail. Has a child and pays a guardian to take care of him or, as we know it, child support. Wife died of breast cancer. 20+ years younger than she is. Packing up to leave her home and family to move north. Let me repeat: PRAY for her please!

Now to my store. I finally made full-time status. G R E A T! Dental benefits! Yea! And I'm waiting for word on whether I'll get the personnel manager position in Brownsville. Talking about stepping from the frying pan to the fire. They have no manager, the training coordinator has only been on board a month, if that long. However, for more money? I'm up to the challenge. One of the assistant managers quit--the official line is that he retired. He'd planned on doing that next year but the buzz is that he'd had his fill of the new manager. The stepfather of the young man who was murdered has been on leave the entire month, along with the mother. Even management is buzzing that he should have returned earlier. It's not like he raised him. You know how folks talk.

One of my new hirees mentioned that her grandmother makes sweet potato pies. Sells them for 7 dollars. Whipped out my wallet ASAP. Sweet potato pies are not a regular commodity in these parts; they like chess and pecan. Not my cup of tea but sweet potato. Oh Lord. Well, the pie arrived on Saturday looking like it came straight from the bakery. Good grief, I can't wait to taste it. Everyone thought that I was going to share. SHARE? N O T !!!

Enjoy the holiday weekend. I'll be watching the Memorial Day Concert from the mall and thinking of my homies. Be blessed.

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