June 04, 2009

Mo' Drama

I can't handle it. I'm too old. Just looking for a little peace of mind. Relative ease. Is that too much to ask for? On top of my security problems, the computer AND the cell died; the solar motion lights aren't working; the motion light in the garage stays on; the camera won't download the photos; and I've put in for a position 25 miles away to learn that it ONLY pays 40 cents more an hour. Can you believe it? My mother used to have a bunch of appropriate sayings for moments like these but the one that is most prominent at the moment is "from sugar to ****." H A H!

I interviewed for the job on Thursday, driving 25 miles in a driving rain, and arrived on time. The store looks larger than ours; however, on paper the square footage is smaller. And they have a smaller staff. And no manager, no security person, no personnel coordinator, no.... Anyway, the person who interviewed me was very nice and I think the interview went well. The training coordinator, on the job for a month, was considerably chilly. Not a good sign. The office is messy and just a shade or too lighter than my dining room. Why? It looks like a cave. The decision is to be made by Monday. I usually ask for your prayers but I'm dithering on accepting the offer...if one is made. The drive is not so much a problem as is the minimal increase (which is wiped out by the travel) and the headaches involved. If the people there are like the ones in our store, N-E-E-D-Y, then...I don't know. We'll see.

Now to the cell which is DEAD, DEAD, and DEAD. Before my wise family and friends speak, it is DEAD. And no longer under warranty. "I haven't had it a year, have I?" Yep, November 2007; therefore, I cannot get a replacement. I must buy a new one. I think this is planned. Die right after I buy new minutes? Sheez!

The computer died last week. P-A-N-I-C! Fortunately, it was merely a matter of two programs (Norton) fighting each other. The repair was cheaper than a new machine but now the discs for programs don't want to install. Lordy, Lordy! It'll work out.

The solar lights worked but don't work. Don't ask me, 'cause I don't know. After days of not being able to charge them because of continuous rain, they were finally charged, tested, and put in place. So why don't they come on? AARGH! Called the contractor. More rain, torrential rain. Came in last night and the one by the side door popped on. Yea! But the one on the garage/barn/shed? N O T! Just what is the problem? And it was raining too hard to try the ones around the house.

So I have 3 days off--the Lord is good--and the weather is supposed to be clear and filled with sunshine. Putting in flowers this weekend. My good friends, the Realtors, liked the new look and sent photos they had taken for the listing. Obviously, I have the same pictures and more. The people who repaired the computer (???) enjoyed seeing them as they burned the cds. Is that nosey, or what?

Anyway, I'm deciding whether I want to go to the store for a retirement party at noon or stay home. Leaning toward staying home.

Congrats, #1 Son on your acting debut. Hope everything goes well on the second try.

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