June 17, 2009

Fast Forward

Bringing you up to date...kinda'. Too much has happened and I'm getting might forgetful in my advanced age. But try to keep up.

The front is completed...well, the foundation hasn't been done and I suspect it won't be unless I do it. If Mrs. Savage was still alive, she would receive a good report. The library crew gave it an inspection,her best friend and my Realtor buddies have given their seal of approval. Flowers are in but the bed needs more work. Each time a rose bush blooms, the heavens open and knock off the petals. I'm not sure that I'll ever get to see them in full bloom. The side flower bed has caladiums, hosta, and impatiens all neatly planted and thriving. Pray for them.

Got the computer up and running, except for a few programs that just wouldn't work. Finally took Norton completely off. Solved the problem for some of them but one is being very stubborn. The groundhog is still running rampant. The lights are all working, except one. Can't figure that one out. I'm locked into a "fortress" and not too happy about it. There a million locks to go through just to step outside. Maybe I went overboard but better safe than sorry. The magnolias are in bloom. My neighbor has her "yard man" routinely throw the leaves from the trees back on my side of the property line. Everybody has a fixation; hers is a dislike of leaves on the lawn. Oh, well!

The square is coming along. Go here for an update. Ripley Square Traffic is screwed and I blew right through a barrier, only to find myself right in the middle of the construction zone. No problem. Just waited until they let me pass. The ditch behind the house is rutted and I fear for the car each time I back out. Speaking of ditches, during a severe thunderstorm on Monday, someone drove their truck into a ditch at the end of Wally's lot. There was so much water covering the roadway, until he probably thought that he was still on the road. AND, a woman hit a man's car and tried to drive off. When he approached her, she stated that she didn't have any insurance. He was pissed. AND, he is the sheriff for the county. LOL!

I got the job in Brownsville and dithered my way into accepting it. The Lord will direct my steps. I start on Monday. Getting excited. I'm sure that there are some who will be glad to see me go but I've received some positive comments as well. The funniest being that they could send my cohort to Brownsville and keep me there. I'm sure she would not be amused. Folks were looking for the newsletter last week but people hadn't given the necessary information to make it happen. She's made it plain that they won't get a pretty newsletter when I leave...just a flyer.

I'm sure that I've forgotten something but I'll pick them up later. I'm off to Wally. Be blessed!

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