July 21, 2009

So Much To Tell, Part 3

The great meeting came and went. No breakfast; no lunch. By the time the HR manager arrived, I was ready to smash walls and everything else. During my realtor career, an incident occurred in the office in which one of the associates went postal on the receptionist, beating her with the telephone. At the time, I couldn't understand the violence or how someone could push you over the edge to that point...but, today? I understood. And, Lord, help me, the temptation was great.

You see, there's only so much obstructionism, disrespect, etc., that you can withstand. With the packing of boxes, last week, several items were shredded, although I'd stated that nothing in personnel should be pitched. That was at the first meeting. I came in one morning to find the shredder merrily devouring papers. Made calls all around--"don't shred anything"--and passed the message along. This morning, she stands at my desk, calls her buddy, and asks what can be shredded. EXCUSE ME?

So to the meeting. I stepped into the room in a red haze. With my list, examples of what had been deliberately ignored, illustrations of two offices at work, yada yada. And as the conversation progressed, my girl told some outrageous lies. She keeps me informed; she's done this; she's agreed to that. Didn't I say that I brought proof? At one point, I snapped. But the Lord put his finger on my lips and prevented me from calling her a liar. Playing to the crowd, tears flowing; no violins and tissues coming from me, sistah girl. I know your game.

To his credit, and I understand that I must step carefully, I received full support. And it was done far more gracefully than I could have ever achieved. I either missed that class or wasn't paying attention when I took it. He very carefully took her through the roles, where things belonged as relates to official materials, etc., pointed out why I was there and what she could do to improve relations. Those who know me are probably rolling over because they know that at this stage, I'm not interested in improving anything. I want her gone...but that is not my prayer this evening is that He will wipe my heart clean and let us proceed on a new road. Of course, a memo came along (which he hadn't seen prior to the meeting) which noted that training coordinators would be assigned according to store sales. Using their formula, our store won't get one; however, they are leaving the decision up to the HR mgr. And, being honest, I do need that extra body until I have my bearings. Even then, it is such a fast-paced environment until 1 person can't do it all, except for Nemesis, of course.

So the air is cleared. We can only hope.

On to other things, Big Ben, the Steelers' quarterback has been charged with assault. The woman's claims mirror the Kobe case very closely. Too closely. Smelling the money! Fight it, Ben. Now don't get me wrong--there are, indeed, many athletes who use their "fame" to take sexual favors--but I am mighty tired of these skanks who decide that crying wolf will get them a nice payday. Since I'm still in a fighting mood, perhaps he'll pay me to take a whack at her.

Tyler Perry, of "Madea" fame, is sending all of the kids denied the opportunity to swim at the country club, in Philly, to Disney World. Way to go, Perry! Talking about walking the walk. He makes me proud. Now, just as a matter of thought, what if our other "stars," luxuriating in all their wealth, gave up the price of a day at the spa, a night at the casino, the price of a weave, or whatever else they can do without for a minute, and built some centers around the country for the underprivileged, or funded some worthy program? Not talking about the Jada's and Will Smith's; Alicia Keyes, Denzel's, etc., but those who aren't doing a thing. Make this a better place. Give back a little.

Hopping off the soapbox. Be blessed.

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